Sing the Funeral Song

The Music of Your Voice #WWUC @NWCreativeUnion

Drops Splash Against My Spirit

The Final Ink of Autumn #NWCreativeUnion #poem #poetry

Pumpkins Wait for Trickery's Hands

It Once Was

I am Entitled to My Opinions

blogblast4peace ~ Sunday November 4, 2012

Mourning Gown of Splintered Secrets

Democracy's Demise ~ #WWUC @NWCreativeUnion

Routine, A Jealous Master

Sorrow Silenced With Joy

Jue Ju Times Two

Within the Illusion of Alone

Mechanical Legions

Drinking His Choice


I Left Them Unsung

Erratic Beating of Alone

Chlorine Fear

Just Call Me Crazy

Yesterday's Eyes

Sand Hallucinations


Autumn Fires

Where The Bluebirds Fly

Mechanical Deflection

Romance vs Football

Eat ~ Dance ~ Pray

Cinnamon and Spice Days