The Angel On My Night Light

Moonlight On Two Wheels

Freedom In The Rain

In A Sea Of Identical

A Good Book


Teenager 4

Teenager 3 (Pieces of Thought Continued)

Teenager 2

Written When I Was A Teenager

Thoughts Once Printed

Love Planted

Midnight Hour

My Diary

Mama I Miss You

Goodbye On The Telephone

My Thoughts A Gypsy Caravan

You Can But Will You

The Grass May Be Greener

The Legibility of Your Signature

Liar's Lips

Please One Step

Haikus of the Heart

Prudence Not Creativity's Approach

Secrets Are Bondage

What Did I Just Say

Room to Imagine

I Am The Only Me


Hidden In Plain Sight

Music My Drug

First Love

Anger Drunk

What Conceit

Cat Nap