"I am hearing poetry when awake, dreaming poetry when asleep, breathing poetry with each breath, I am living in a poem."

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Will Anyone Know Me

Questions asked me of who I am
Are difficult for me to answer
There is no simple response

I am a writer whose inspiration
Comes in the wind or color
Splash of sunlight through stained glass

I do not see normal for the poetic
My everyday is a world where
A butterfly speaks with prose
Interpreted by the heart

Imagination is the nourishment of my soul
I know not when it will come
Can light with certainty
Be predicted on whom it might shine

Who am I is a continuous question
I doubt anyone will ever really know me
I learn more about myself with each writing
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Giggles Across the Sun

Giggles across the sun
Her laughter is sunshine
In my rain filled countenance

I can not cry with her
Bright yellow enthusiasm
Surrounding me with sparkles

Stay close to me my light bearer
I am tired of the dark
In your glowing I find joy
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Dry Spell

Words where are you
I sat down to write but you left me
Scratching my head uninspired

I should have drank a glass of wine
And written amongst the bubbles
Becoming inebriated with my own creativity

But instead I am in this dry spell
With a blank page in front of me
As animated as someone composing a grocery list
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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Worded Bearing of Soul

Writing my heart in worded bearing of soul
A prose rambling of emotion taking
Love from ecstatic jubilation
To a spiraling depth of pained consuming

There seems to be no ordinary everyday
Where I reside in contentment’s living room
Instead days that tease with love everlasting
Only to end with a plunge into misery’s basement

Why do I continue to lay my heart open
In fairytale hope there will be a happy ending
My only answer is to live in an actuality
Of love never returned would be my heart’s demise
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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Loss On My Fingertips

Night’s loneliness engulfs my harried heart
My mind full of her laughter her face her joy
I had failed to keep the one who only wished
To give her love to me

My footsteps of self consumed arrogance
Had crushed her free spirit into
A pained visage of hope extinguished

One day she could not take any more
Of my trampling upon her soul
With tears she took her heart and left me alone

Although absent I can still feel her presence
For a moment I thought she was actually here
I reached out to touch her but felt only loss on my fingertips
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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

With Memories for Pages

Thoughts fill my head in uncountable number
Bringing tears of laughter love or dislike
A photographic album with memories for pages

Just yesterday young love stepped out of the past
To fill my thinking with the tender tragedy
Of hopes dashed by romance’s final curtain

With misty ponderings I turned a dog eared page
To find my wedding day in white and yellow
A sunshine beginning to hearts joined with forever words

Butterfly wings fly through my musings
Their beauty in a fluttery path of dreams
Evoking a smile at nature’s painting

Never knowing where introspection will travel
I pack a suitcase of pen and paper
To record where my thoughts have been
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With Its Orange Glow

World infinite with its orange glow
Hearts heat reaches across
The coldness of the lonely
Bringing warmth of joy to
Befriend their isolated days

In simplicity of a smile
Joy transferred to one in need
Of laughter to ease their ache

Eyes seeing can find those
Who need a touch to
Lighten the burden upon their heart

Join in giving hope to those
That lie in the world out
Your own front door

Charity’s touch when given with love
Grows the bonding of soul to soul
A world worth inhabiting passed
From one heart to another
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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Can You Will You

Vulnerable positioning of myself in romance’s
Territory of love returned or heart denied
I quake with longing I might know the answer

I can be no other than what I am
A quirky mixture of serious nonsensical
A living paradox bringing laughter and tears

To change me would deny my soul of a dreamer
I see light when others see dark
My laughter brings tears when sorrow brings laughter

Can you will you love me as I am
Will you want more than I can be
Questions I hope and fear the answers to
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Monday, February 22, 2010

Day Marking Birth

Birthday cake candle lit marking off of another year
A chocolate filled iced tribute to life’s joys and sorrows
Experienced in the days between yesterday and today

Surrounded by family with love and giggles
An event full of shared memories painted with humor’s brush
Stories of what was once painful bring laughter’s tears

Gifts given wrapped in bright paper sprinkled with affection
Speak of familial understanding of the heart
Their gifts speaking more to personality than just a trinket

Strengthened with best wishes on the day marking birth
With arms surrounding and showered in kisses
The next year looks even brighter with promise and hope
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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Chasing Rainbows With A Butterfly Net

I have been living in black and white
Days full of monotony marking time
With the mechanical movements of
A toy wound with a key

That colorless void doesn’t match the
Myriad color palette of my soul
A color box collection of joyful
Expression that dreams can come true

There are those who doubt me and say
You are just chasing rainbows with a butterfly net
Trying to catch what lies in colored fantasy

But sprouting the wings of dreams
I will fly out of my world of gray
Into the belief  that I have within me
All it takes to make my dreams a reality
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Monday, February 15, 2010

Believing I Can Dream Again

Watching waiting for me to fail
No one believed in me any more
My past with its parade of failures
Saw me stepping back instead of forward
Running in last place breathing defeat

I walked out on more than one dream
Judging each attempt by the aborted
Beginnings of the one that preceded it
When things became too difficult I ran

Thinking of myself as a failure was more pain
Than hearing the voices of those who called me one
The light of life extinguished by fear to try again

Breaking through the self doubt that assailed me
Came the quiet words of someone speaking
Why return to your yesterday of such distress
Take your today and fill it with I can
That simple pronouncement setting me free
Has me believing I can dream again
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A Rose Reminder

A yellow rose blooming along the path
Bears the name of my love
Its velvet petal greeting a daily reminder
She is not with me

As constant as the morning my steps
Bring me to stand before the flower
Its perfume scenting the air
With the memory of her

I attend the yellow blossom with tender touch
Preserving its beauty as long as I can
The thorny stemmed sunshine piercing my heart
With the hope one day she will return
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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Kiss Blown In The Wind

In quiet solitude my heart listens for the voice of my love
I look out at the stars wondering does his heart hear mine
With a kiss blown in the wind I pray it will reach him
Carried in silver shimmer by the light of the moon

Eyes closed I stand in the night seeing his face
Chin strong eyes so blue face alight with a smile
His lips saying my name with tender inflection

Peace blankets my spirit with its comforting presence
I can almost feel my love’s touch upon my cheek
With hand extended I reach toward the heavens
Speakng with all the love that is within me I implore
Take my hand my darling I am here
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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Love Is Not A Chocolate

Valentine love quotes written in gold
Shiny sentiments penned by another
Trail across a purchased card
Quoted endearments hoped to share
What lies in an enamored heart

Romantic songs fill the air with melodies
Full of I will love you forever
A rose filled vase adorns a table
Covered in a white appliqued lace cloth

My darling I truly appreciate your attempts
To demonstrate your love for me with
All the trappings of the world’s view of romance
But love is not a chocolate in a heart shaped box

It is your smile when you spot me in a crowd
Taking my hand as we cross the street
Holding me when I can do nothing but cry
Listening when I have something to say

You show your love for me every day
Not on just one set aside on a calendar
The love you freely give to me each day
Makes every one a Happy Valentine’s Day
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Monday, February 8, 2010

Starlight Melody In The Key of Blue

Night sky star shine across my lonely heart
Looking toward heaven praying for love
Why is there not one for me

Longing plays its desolate song in my ears
Sad notes of hurt strumming my heart strings
Pain intensified by love once known

Will my days always be ones without joy
Heart broken in pieces beyond repair
Life a journey traveled in solitude

The pain I feel in the notes played
Leave my soul in such distress
Surely one day this will end

There must be someone out there for me
So I won’t be singing the rest of my days
A starlight melody in the key of blue
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Valentine Promises on Candy Hearts

Love’s visit on a Monday morning
Came without warning bringing
Cherry kisses in saffron sunlight

Warmth spreading through my heart
Reading words written in sonnet script
I felt joy take ballet leaps in my soul

Be mine sprinkled with yours forever
Like Valentine promises on candy hearts
Spoke of the love you felt for me

Not searching for love yet it came to me
A gift given freely of your heart
As red roses secured with a bow
My heart is now joined with yours
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Butterfly Sunshine

Held by terror’s touch from abusive hands
She had prayed that one day she could escape
A child who cried alone in childhood stolen
Had grown into a woman afraid to live

Secrets locked inside a broken spirit
Sent nightmare visits when she closed her eyes
Life a burden that became harder to bear
She thought freedom would only come in death

Slowly truth began to brighten her days
The horrid things that happened were not her fault
Like a butterfly she flew out
Of the inky darkness of deception
Her wings taking her into the light of truth
His words that held her in a cocoon of fear
No longer had any power to keep her there

Demeanor bright with butterfly sunshine
And a promise to see others set free
She works to shine liberty’s light
On others living in the bleakness of abuse
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Friday, February 5, 2010

Orb Of Night

Moonlight dances from room to room
Steps of luminescent glitter
Sprinkling dreams across a sleeping face

Outside the window the moon watches
The dream journey come to life
Riding a carriage of fantasy to realms
Unheard of when the slumbering one is awake

That orb of night stands guardian
Over the dreamer throughout the evening
Chasing away reality for a breath

When morning calls the moon retreats
Leaving sunlight to awaken the sleeper
But on the pillow it has left a note
Tonight I will come to you again
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Sleeping With My Shoes On

The scent of betrayal fills the air with its cloying aroma of lust
Temptation’s perfume applied liberally to attract
An essence you made no attempt to deny

Words of commitment spoken in white lace and hope
Replaced by yellowed expressions of trust broken
Lies exposed destroying affection

A young heart full of fairytale dreams
Grown old living in broken promises
Once I slept in your arms now I lie beside you wishing to be gone
Love thought to be forever now has me sleeping with my shoes on
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