"I am hearing poetry when awake, dreaming poetry when asleep, breathing poetry with each breath, I am living in a poem."

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Let Me Be the Sunshine

I see the clouds in your sky
The pain that has you
In the middle of a storm
Why charges the air with
Its lightening strikes
Burning its agony into your spirit
Run to me I will be your shelter
To stand with you against the wind
That buffets your heart in its blowing
Let me be the sunshine
To bring a rainbow
From the tears you shed

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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Silent Agony

Silence is agony
To the soul
When it has
A story to tell

Words sitting
On the tongue
Waiting to be said

Their message
Not to free the listener
But the spirit of
The storyteller
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The Fiddles of The Moon

The fiddles of the moon
Their strings played
With mystery's bows

A Siren’s song bidding
The insomniac to come
Dance with temptation

Throw off your inhibitions
Night has pulled its shade
No one but the stars as witness

The music whispers come closer
Feel my touch on your soul
A drug like no other

Caught in a lunar addiction
The insomniac can not find sleep
He just wanders craving the next new moon

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Monday, June 28, 2010

Wandering the Valley of My Desolation

Wandering through the valley of my desolation
Ugly memories rise like ghosts reaching out to snare me
Forgetting a mountain range with peaks to high to scale

Images camp on the perimeter of my thoughts
Waiting their turn to come out of the darkness to torment
My mind battling to keep them hidden

I wish to never travel here but depression knows
The road well and doesn’t need a map
It is I who must find my way to encouragement
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A Numbers Game

Not a name
but given a number,
flirtation blatant.
Dating a game of bingo,
mix it up to see
which numbers are drawn.
Romeo gives undivided attention
until someone else catches his eye.
Creative master of the dating game
adorned with the crown of a player.
All will go well until love steals his heart.
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Moonlight On a Red Rose

Moonlight on a red rose
Velvet petal beckoning
Lovers to come near

The sensual scent
Flirts with starlight
Aroma speaking of romance

The spell of the rose
Enchants the heart
Binding heartstrings

Love holds delicately
To its fragile growing
Avoiding the thorns of the rose
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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Love's Fingerprint

Love arrives when it wants
No schedule or appointment
You wake up and it has your
Heart beating I love you

Love takes many forms
Each unique with its own DNA
A fingerprint like no other
It grows in the heart to be passed on

Don’t question why now
Just simply it is there
Let it expand your heart
To overflow in love for others
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Alone With Pen and Paper

Alone with pen and paper
Awaiting inspiration’s arrival
The moment of knowing
What it is I am to write

Attempting for a few moments
To quiet the noise of everyday
That batters my mind
Nonsense and relevant

A wind blowing through my spirit
Ruffling memories pages
Seeking what- I don’t know

I will wait with pen in hand
The words will come
I must be patient
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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Remember Me

My spirit asks remember me.
Don’t let me walk through my days
without leaving an impression.

Hear my laugh that beckons
come smile with me,
your day brighter.

Love me as I hope to love,
my heart open, vulnerable,
wishing only the best for you.

Read my soul in my poetry.
Words birthed from imagination,
spoken from my fingertips

I laugh, I love, I write, I live,
I hope, I pray, I wish,
that you remember me.
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Damn Chair

A chair a place of rest,
but to me torture.
It mocks my disquiet.

How do I remain still
when my insides
scream at me to move.

I have within me questions
that have no answers,
but I keep asking.

The rug under my feet
worn from my pacing,
useless, but I continue.

Where is peace?
I can not find it.
All I see is that damn chair.
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Into the NIght Dreaming

I looked into the night dreaming
Its hood of darkness
Comforting in its anonymity

No light to shine its revelation
On the one who filled my fantasy
Alone I could let my heart wander

Reaching out to the moon
I begged its embrace
For a moment’s pretense it was my lover

I stood engulfed in my imaginings
My body warm from my thoughts
If I could just stay here

Daylight’s approach ending the time of dreams
My heart putting on a brave face
My love hidden again
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Friday, June 25, 2010

Midnight Purple

Midnight purple starlight
Mysteries lie in shadows
Their dance along the garden wall

Fear listens unable to separate
The known from the unknown
Cowering steps in the dark

The wind hushes the night owl
Waiting for the moon to
Reveal what has been hidden

Imagination alone in the dark
Creating monsters from
What would bring a smile in daylight
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Smile At Those Who Hate You

Smile at those who hate you
They can not understand
Joy that sprouts in the midst
Of the darkness
Love a foreign language
They lack the heart to interpret
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My Mind a Book of Poems

My mind has become a book of poems
It is up to my hands to publish it
The volume grows with
Each visitation of imagination

Poetry lies in animate and inanimate
A bird in flight in an azure sky
A lace wedding veil hiding tears
Verses speaking from my heart

Words flow without break
I have no desire to overwork
What my spirit is sharing
I just write it down

Each dawn brings new thought
To fill my book without end
A poet on a mission to speak
With words the imagery of her dreams
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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Only One Thing

There is only one thing
I can know with certainty
It is that nothing stays the same

Feet planted in now
Will feel like concrete
When tomorrow comes

You must walk with steps
Prepared to arrive at change
Or stand alone in yesterday
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It can take a long walk through Hell
To bring out the comedy
On the other side

Comedians are some
Of the most tragic people
They turn their tears into laughter

Laughing softens the edges
Of life’s wounds
It is plastic surgery on the soul
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Love Has Taken Its Exit

Nothing is as telling as silence
The quiet that breaks
The fragile heart

Within that absence of sound
Resides the goodbye
Love has taken its exit
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Sometimes Less Is More

Smile at Those Who Hate You

 Smile at those who hate you
They can not understand
Joy that sprouts in the midst
Of the darkness

Under The Sun

There is nothing new under the sun
It is just hidden
It is up to the imaginative
To expose it

Simply Stated

All the sonnets and songs
With flowery words of
Romance and undying
Affection pale at the
Simply stated declaration
I love you

Unforgivable to Remain Stupid

It is unforgivable to remain stupid
When you have been born with
An amazing gift that allows
You to learn and process information
It is called a brain
My suggestion is you use it
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Monday, June 21, 2010

At A Pinnacle

I am not at an age when
Things are ending
But I am at a pinnacle
Where I am just
Beginning to live

My gathered years have lain
A foundation to allow me
To continue to dream

Imagination does not stop
Just because birthdays have been
Torn from a calendar

From my vantage point
I can see my field of mistakes
So going forward means
The land mines of error
Have been cleared
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Poetry Has Died

Blessed sun warm me
I am so cold
My heart is grieving
Poetry has died

Verse withered from creativity’s slaughter
Words no longer written
Thoughts transposed in abbreviation

Where once imagination thrived
Now sits minds blank
Robotic receivers of electronic display

Creating prose thought ancient
An art form now only in museums
Protected by layers of glass

Oh I pray a revival
May the poet be resuscitated
To write poetry once again
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My Poetry My Voice

My poetry, my voice,
the words pour
from the universe
inside of me.

Imagination twinkles
in an alphabet sky
where I can reach out
with my heart to
gather the letters
to speak what my
dreams whisper.

Every poem that
I have written
and those yet unwritten
travel inspiration’s milky way
in my soul.

The child born a poet
and the woman who
will one day meet death
join in spirit in this world within.
United we speak through ink and pen.
We are my poetry, my voice.

© Susie Clevenger 2010
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The Eye of the Camera

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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Not Purpose But Passion

It is not with purpose
I sit down to write poetry
Inspiration does not plan
It comes unexpected

Passion is my fuel to create
Its twisting of my heart
To speak in poetry
My thoughts I can
No longer restrain
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What Would Beauty Be

What would beauty be
Without words to describe it
Only the eye to take notice
No voice in body or speech
To tell others of the enchantment
That has blessed the soul
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Friday, June 18, 2010

I Run to Music

Shared With Real Toads

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Where Is The Smile

Where is the smile
In bright white
Pasted happy
Trying to fool the world

Face unrecognizable
In its frown
Tears falling
Pain showing

Vulnerability exposed
The smile is
A mask put on
Because it
Is expected
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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Should I Start With Goodbye

Should I start with goodbye
To believe it is over before it begins
I am afraid to fall in love

My silent heart won’t give
Me any guidance
Pain keeping it muted

My emotions are prodding me
To give some sort of answer
I think I will simply say hello
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Clamoring Thoughts

Clamoring thoughts stop your torment
I would have a moment’s peace
Your noise is deafening

My mind will not decide
On the direction it wants to take
It is a collection of disparate pieces

Joy and sorrow sit at the same table
With bitter and forgiveness
The invited guest along with the uninvited

Even what I had for dinner
Seems to linger in my memory
My body has digested what my mind can not

There must be a place of calm inside of me
But I seem to be without a guide
To help me through the maze
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Joined Union of Yes and No

In joined union of yes and no
Marriage is the co-existence
Of two opposites that decide
Love can conquer their differences

This fairytale view often lasts
Until the honeymoon is over
Then reality hits when the toothpaste
Has not been squeezed correctly

Then the unspoken statement
Of I love you when you do it my way
Charges the air as each asserts
Their manner of doing things is correct

Like circling gladiators they flex
Their muscles of my way
In an attempt to get the other
To acquiescence to their demand

Love can conquer all if allowed
The freedom to do it
But with a standoff of this magnitude
There is concern the teeth won’t even get brushed
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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Within My Words

You will find me within my words
To read them is to hear my heartbeat
My soul revealed in verse

There is much inside of me
That seeks to be released
In tear or smile

I sit in my confession booth
Of pen and paper
Exposing my secrets

Vulnerable to the reader
I leave my heart open to interpretation
Not knowing if I will be understood
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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Dark Death In The Sea

Greed had dug deep in the ocean
Hell rising up from the depths
Nothing can stop the flow
Lies spreading faster than the oil
As dark death kills as it spreads

People wailing in the bayou
Black oil is covering all that lives
Voodoo chants speaking spells
To conjure up the spirits
To save the precious swamp

Fishermen stare at empty nets
Their livelihood robbed
Answers becoming harder
To find than the most elusive
Fish they ever set out to catch

No one knows the final outcome
There is no crystal ball
Just an uneasy feeling
Of fear at what will
Be man’s next epic mistake
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The Eloquence of Hypocrisy

In a beguiling method of presentation
Sermons giving directives on
The manner in which one should live
Are given from a pulpit

Their convincing appeal of a moral standard
Resounds on listening ears with all elements of truth
The listener receives the message of a life lived
In model of the speaker will be a life lived correctly

Thus is the eloquence of hypocrisy
The public persona in contrast to the private actuality
The ethical life demanded from others
Is not lived behind closed doors

Before stepping in front of others to insist
The highest of moral code
There must be self examination of one’s own life
Clean up your own mess before asking other’s to clean up theirs
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Walking Into Heartbreak

Walking into heartbreak
When I should run the other way
My heart won’t listen

I can’t stop love
Any more than
I can stop the sun from rising

I know it will hurt when it ends
Because I am hurting now
I will continue the risk

I love you
Just three words
But they are causing such pain
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Belief In Myself

Lightly belief in myself
Nudges me to stand tall
Stop looking down

Head held high I walk
Into the promise that is me
Keep looking up

Voice raised to say
What is inside of me
Continue speaking

Trust in myself
Is alive again
Never stop dreaming
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Monday, June 14, 2010

You Aint Singin’

You aint singin’
If you aint singin’ the blues
Let your soul tell the story
Your body’s been through

I’ve given the wail of heartbreak
A man stepped on my heart
Oh Lord I won’t let it happen again

My feet are tired of walkin’
In these old shoes
Their steps puttin’ blisters on my joy

Oh my singin’ the blues
My spirit’s been to the bottom
Singin’ what my body’s been through

Never enough money
Countin’ pennies to pay the rent
Haven’t had much green in my pocket

Someday keeps promisin' me
Things are gonna change
How long do I have to wait

Oh my singin’ the blues
My spirit’s been to the bottom
Singin’ what my body’s been through
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The Morning Angel

White wings of the morning angel
gathers dew drops as she prepares
the flowers to greet first light.

She awakens each bud with a kiss,
nudging them to raise their petals to the sun,
and whispers today is your day to bloom.
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Peace Will Not Come

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Friday, June 11, 2010

The Dance of the Insomniac

Sleep that time of escape
When mind is quiet
And body is at rest

I can not travel there
My eyes open
Staring into the night

Each moment of my day
Plays through my head
In a never ending video

The more I beg sleep
To come give me peace
The further it retreats

The dance of the insomniac
Is a tap dance of misery
Performed in shoes of desperation
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The Decision of Noon

Noon the exact point between
When a day begins and when it ends
The moment to assess will I continue
My day in failure or be motivated
To make the last half a success
Hour and minute join hands
On the clock’s face at twelve
Waiting only a second
For me to make my decision
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The Ballet of the Moon

The moon’s ballet across the sky
Invites me to take off my shoes
And dance among the moonbeams

My partner the northern star twinkles
Upon my fingers as we waltz
The universe our ballroom

Fireflies twirl around me
Their tiny lamps lighting the forest
Where night creatures play their music

A shadow curtain rises and falls
Across the horizon as the wind
Blows through the trees

Night’s theater is fading at the approach of dayspring
As it brightens the eastern sky
My spirit applauding the evening’s performance

In grand finale the moon bows to the sun
While morning’s stage lights of sunshine
Illuminate a brand new day

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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Hearing Disillusion While Sitting With Denial

The whisper of disillusion haunts me
In wraith visitation it comes
Speaking you should not trust in my ear

Denial has a seat next to me
A companion who tells me
Don’t believe what you hear

In turmoil I try to quiet both
Their voices warring in my head
I wish to just run away
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Ego…the thing that lets you know
Just what it is you think of yourself
It can bless or curse

It can drive you to become a better person
Its over inflation can turn you into
An arrogant ass

The reflection on the outside of the you inside
Is a vivid statement to the world
An invitation to come closer or one to turn away
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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Beauty of Wing and Flutter

I saw the beauty of wing and flutter
From flower to flower
A summer dance of the butterfly

Life lived as quickly as it can
Because soon the wings
Will cease their flight

So short is the earth’s visit
The butterfly cherishes
Each moment given of the sun
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Butterfly Struggle

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Away From Despair's Pit

I clawed my way up from despair’s pit
With no desire to return
I will move far away
Not set up camp along its edge
Looking over my shoulder
Wondering what will cause
Me to topple back in it
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Little Poems

Live With

Live with joy
Live with hope
Live with passion
It will be a life well lived

If You

If you can dream
If you can believe
If you can act on it
You will see dreams come true


I Didn’t Know

I didn’t know I could change
I didn’t know I would have wings
I didn’t know what was inside of me
Until I was faced with adversity



Striking my chest in sorrow
Leaping in exultation
Sometimes I want to cry
Sometimes I want to laugh
Sometimes I want to do both
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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Man's Abuse

Into the woods of beast and bird
The marching intrusion of humans
Covering wildflowers with concrete

The forest wails as trees fall
Nature’s beauty pillaged
In grinding tracks of a bulldozer

Habitat shrinking deer feast on plants
Adorning manicured gardens
While man complains

The music of the meadowlark silenced
The meadow now gone
Erased in urban sprawl

Air becoming harder to breathe
Smog hangs over the cities
Lungs begging for clean air

Seas polluted by man’s hunger for petroleum
Black oil suffocates life in the water
As it makes a devastating flow toward land

Abuse heaped upon the planet
By those deemed its caretakers
May leave all living things without a home
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Monday, June 7, 2010

Celebration Song

Don’t sing a celebration song for me
It is I who will gather my tambourine
To dance in joy for you

I don’t wish to sit in the seat of honor
But to be on my feet
Cheering you on to become your best
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Change Passed Me By

Change passed me by
I settled for what has always been
My heart becoming dry dust

I demanded little of you
Even less of myself
I just sat in discontent’s chair

Why should I now complain
Wishing for what could have been
When I am the reason for my pain
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I Should Wish I Should Not

Inspiration can come in silence
Perhaps I make too much noise
I am not hearing anything but myself

I can’t seem to sit still to meditate
What I wish for keeps filling my head
Things I should not want yet I do

Like pulling the petals off a flower
My thoughts go I should wish I should not
I already know the answer
I just don’t want to face it

There are verses for me to pen
Carried on imagination’s wings
But I sit with my paper empty
Listening to the sound of my own voice
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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Daydreaming At Midnight

Not knowing when sleep will visit
I sit staring at the moon
A nightlight in my lone vigil

Daydreaming at midnight
My mind wanders through
Thoughts inspired by the moonlight

A love sonnet forms on my lips
Bright moon stir my love’s heart
To beat in harmony with mine

May the stars hold hands
A twinkling chain binding
Our souls to become one

Stirring from my imaginings
I feel sleep’s touch on my eyelids
I seek my pillow and say goodnight to my daydreams
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How are idiots created
A brain void of sense
Stupidity allowed full reign

Words spew from mouths unchecked
Speech as rancid as a garbage can
Forethought an unknown visitation

Boorish idiocy united in folly
An agenda based on hating
Anything beyond their narrow minds

The belief permeates these dolts
That if their opinion is shouted
Loud enough it is correct

May reason rise up to drown out the noise
Of those who rally around ignorance
Sanity’s peace to insanity’s dissonance
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Exclamation Mark

Don’t live your life without an exclamation mark
Make some noise as you walk through your days
There will be plenty of time at life’s end for silence
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I wish I never made a mistake
A life perfect written in ink
No lines scratched through it

But I have spent my life
In misspelled attempts
A diary full of my errors

How nice it would be to live
An existence written in pencil
Where mistakes could be erased
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Crossed Into The Sun

I crossed the river into the sun
Leaving my dark days behind
Sunbeams shining in welcome

My past a shadow
Today a bright hallelujah
Tomorrow singing its promise song

Change coming in my footsteps
I am not all I will be
But much more than I have been
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