Let Me Be the Sunshine

Silent Agony

The Fiddles of The Moon

Wandering the Valley of My Desolation

A Numbers Game

Moonlight On a Red Rose

Love's Fingerprint

Alone With Pen and Paper

Remember Me

Damn Chair

Into the NIght Dreaming

Midnight Purple

Smile At Those Who Hate You

My Mind a Book of Poems

Gossip's Killer Bees

Only One Thing


Love Has Taken Its Exit

Sometimes Less Is More

At A Pinnacle

Poetry Has Died

My Poetry My Voice

The Eye of the Camera

Not Purpose But Passion

What Would Beauty Be

I Run to Music

Where Is The Smile

Should I Start With Goodbye

Clamoring Thoughts


Joined Union of Yes and No

Within My Words

Dark Death In The Sea

The Eloquence of Hypocrisy

Walking Into Heartbreak

Belief In Myself

You Aint Singin’

The Morning Angel

Peace Will Not Come

The Dance of the Insomniac

The Decision of Noon

The Ballet of the Moon

Hearing Disillusion While Sitting With Denial


Beauty of Wing and Flutter

Butterfly Struggle

Away From Despair's Pit

Little Poems

Man's Abuse

Celebration Song

Change Passed Me By

I Should Wish I Should Not

Daydreaming At Midnight


Exclamation Mark


Crossed Into The Sun