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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Drops Splash Against My Spirit

Pain travels through my heart
with the speed of tears.

Wet drops splash against my spirit
running into a river of questions.

Why does my precious child
have to suffer again?

I am not brave, fear nibbles
at the facade of my stiff upper lip.

Can I walk beside my daughter
through this dim valley again?

Quiet brushes against my turmoil
releasing its peace to cover me.

I gather strength from the vision
of heads bowed and voices praying.

The atmosphere hums with words
that send hope to cradle me.

Lifted by the palm of compassion
to the heart of God, I am renewed.

My weakness is now dressed in armor
and the valley has become less dim.

Susie Clevenger 2012
 I wrote this from the agony of watching my daughter go through so many health issues. In 2008 she lost her left kidney to cancer. This year has been a tough one for her. She had to have a kidney stent put in twice (one of them fell out.) She had a bone marrow test because the doctor suspected leukemia which thankfully she didn't have. And in the last two months she has had four biopsies. She is an incredible young woman of strength and character. Each time she has to face a health hurdle we draw strength from one another and the knowledge people are praying for her. My heartfelt thank you goes out to all who have helped us along in her journey.dVerse Poets Pub ~ OpenLinkNight


Janet Martin said...

This is so tender and beautiful. And isn't the miracle of prayer a wonderful thing? It has no bounds or boundaries. I sure do wish the best for you and your daughter,

Hugs and prayers~

ayala said...

My thoughts and prayers for your daughter. Wishing her the best! Sending you strength .

Daydreamertoo said...

Aww... I saw a week or so ago on Toads that someone was still sending prayers and wondered why they would say that. Sh has it really tough, doesn't she, as do you all.
And, here I wrote today about my teen being hurt because of boys playing her. It pales into significance when you see the trials your girl has already faced and, still is.
She, you all have my prayers too.
This is such a deeply loving piece. Very moving. I wish her well as she endures more and pray she stays clear of any more health problems.

Grace said...

Heart felt write Susie ~ I can't stand my child going through that pain and challenges ~ I hope that both of you will find strength in God and each other ~ Blessings ~

Ginny Brannan said...

Aw Susie, I could feel your heart-ache in this. I'm sure as a mom this just tears you up. All we ever want for our children is to protect them, to keep them safe--no matter how old they get. Thoughts, prayers and big hugs to you and yours, my friend.

Laurie Kolp said...

Susie- I'm so sorry you have to watch your daughter go through all that, but thank goodness you can be there for her. It sounds like you're both drawing upon the strength of prayer. I'll add mine, too.

Anonymous said...

This is one of my favorite reads of all time. Straight from the heart, it brought a tear to my eyes. Psalm 23 rings out in this piece. Well crafted...thank you for sharing. God bless your daughter and you.
Rod E. Kok

Mary said...

Susie, I will be saying prayers for you and your daughter. How difficult it must be for one so young to go through so many health crises. It is good that you and she have a close relationship and that you can dress your weakness in that armor and see the valley as less dim. Blessings.

Brian Miller said...

ugh...like a punch susie...my greatest fear is something will happen to my children...you feel so helpless....i remember being out of town working when my younger song went in the hospital and it was looking not good at all...it was brutal trying to get home and the thoughts that run through your head....great capture...hugs & prayers...

Ben Ditty said...

This made my heart stand still. Prayers and hugs to both of you. Your daughter is an amazing strong woman, with an inspirational mother.

Joan Barrett Roberts said...

such a heart felt poem and thank you for sharing it with us!

God bless you and your daughter as you go through this. You give voice to many people who also struggle with chronic health problems...

Buddah Moskowitz said...

"Can I walk beside my daughter
through this dim valley again?"

Of course, you can and will. You've no other reasonable choice. A strong and heartfelt poem. You've been blessed, even though it may feel like anything but... much love , Moskowitz

Beth Winter said...

Tender, gentle, inspiring... *hugs* to you and yours.

Dave King said...

Hope you got as much from writing it as I from reading. Every blessing to you both.

Raven said...

May you both continue to be blessed. She is so brave and you such a fine mother. I am sorry for her pain and agony and will keep you both in my prayers.

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