"I am hearing poetry when awake, dreaming poetry when asleep, breathing poetry with each breath, I am living in a poem."

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Summer Bloom

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Monday, September 27, 2010

Nature's Hand Mirror

I walked down to the river
to view nature’s hand mirror,
a watery reflection making
its way to the sea.

Life and death have seen
their likeness in its water,
smiles floating on the surface
as tears drown in the dark.

The vain sun view’s its shining
in sparkles of rainbow droplets,
while the moon glimpses
its romantic face at midnight.

Blue sky adjusts its appearance
with a scattering of cotton clouds
as geese erase their likeness
by the flapping of wings.

My own image caught for a moment
stood looking up at me,
a grown woman daydreaming
about a mirror’s trip to the sea.

©Susie Clevenger 2010
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Peace Can Not Be Bought

Peace can not be bought with war
A heart that seeks a battle
Has anger in its core

Forgiveness is the foundation
On which peace is built
If not we will lose a generation

Young men and women who will pay
The price for hatred between nations
A world without hope burned gray
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Hollow Halls

Wandering the hollow halls of my lonely heart
Footsteps echo among broken dreams
Why following me to torment

Faded photographs hang
On the walls of my memory
Smiles haunting me with their joy

I raise my voice to rage at fate
How cruel you have left me alone
Days too long with thoughts too painful

My conscience prodding me to be silent
Its voice breaking through my self pity
Fate hasn’t left you abandoned
You are the reason for your desolation

Useless to argue with myself
Pride has turned love and friendship away
Forgiveness must be asked
Humility my salvation
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Sunday, September 26, 2010

I Pray

Knees pressed to the ground
Hands palm to palm
Eyes lifted to heaven
I pray

Lord are you there
Am I just speaking to the wind
Please do you hear me

We are killing each other
In your name because
We have drawn lines
Separating mankind
And we call it religion

Each system
Proclaiming they are
The correct path to You
While love is sacrificed
On an altar littered
With conditions

Lord save us from our division
That has religion bearing weapons
In an attempt to force
One belief on another
Touting their desire is peace
Peace is not peace
When it is covered in blood

My knees tired
My hands weak
My eyes raised to heaven
I continue to pray
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If You Are Serving Misery

If you are going to serve me misery
Please provide music so it will be easier to swallow
Nothing is as dry as the crust of bitterness
A melody would help me to tune it out
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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Living On The Net

Living on the net
Words communicated in print
Acronym messages
A 21st century shorthand
Speaking to photographs
We call friends
The sound of a voice
Rare almost extinct
Creating a cyber identify
With reality in question
Technology birthing
A world void of human touch
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Friday, September 24, 2010

Banality Or Avant-garde

The brain becomes a stagnant pool
When not challenged or inspired
Perception murky in monotony

Vision impaired without a dream
No sight beyond mundane
Eyes blank their light dulled

Originality swims against the tide
In orthodox’s sea to reach
The shores of ingenuity

Once there it explores to find
That which has never been
Mapping a course to brilliance

Reflection should be given
To see in which domain you reside
Banality littered with dull
Or Avant-garde sparkling in imagination
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There Will Be Disappointment

Disappointment comes
No magic wand to stop it
There are no’s planted
Among the yes’s

Adversity knocks you down
It shows your character
On how you rise up

Life is a series of lessons
Your success comes
From being willing to learn
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Thursday, September 23, 2010

What Can I Give You

I am poor what can I give you
My pockets empty
The only thing I possess is my dreams

Some are tattered from years
Of trying to see them fulfilled
There are those brand new
Shiny with hope
And dreams I have yet to dream

I haven’t any money
May I give you my dreams
Wrapped in my soul
And tied with my heartstrings
That say I love you
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Risen From Ashes of Neglect

Truth harsh-honest
Must be said
Ears don’t want to hear

Words with no buffer
Poured out with heat
Burn the soul

You knew this evil
Found me each night
You did nothing to stop it

I was a child unprotected
A sacrifice by your indifference
My body and mind scarred

Questions strike the conscience
Why did you allow it
Was it easier to pretend ignorance

No longer can you turn from it
You must look at me
A survivor risen from the ashes of your neglect
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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Enlightenment

Selfishness cages the spirit
In walls of bloated ego
A self centered solitary confinement

In its daily rations of conceit
A skeletal soul rattles its chains
Of self absorption

Altruism is the key to unlock
This prison of vanity
The enlightenment
It is not all about me
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Moon My Joy

Moon you are my joy
Light shining into my soul
Dreams come on your moonbeams

In your brightness I know freedom
My cloak of insecurity tossed
I can be whomever I wish

Arms thrown wide I dance
For a few precious moments
A ballerina performing in starlight

Night creatures sing among the grass
A chorus to accompany my arias
I lift to a midnight sky

The poems from my heart
Speaking of a love I keep hidden
Can be recited without censor

Dear moon stay with me
Remain in my spirit
That I might be the me I am in your shining
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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Moonless Summer Night

Summer night
Dark without the moon
Shadows haunt
In midnight robes
Heat burning
Its delirium into the soul
Causing faces to melt
Into unrecognizable specters
Fright buries its fingers
Into the brain
Mixing reality with unreality
As torrid insanity
Takes peace prisoner
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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

You Are My Love

There is no light
Except that in your eyes
The sun a darkened star
Rising at your request
Gathering its luminance
From your smile

My love sonnets inspired
By your effect upon my heart
There must be a thousand ways
To say I love you
I am still counting

I hear my heartbeat
And know it beats for you
Your perfume scents
The air I breathe
You are so deep in my soul
I know not where I end
And where you begin

Passion for you an eternal flame
I beg for its heat to burn me
No one has ever touched me
The way that you have
You are my love my heart my destiny
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Monday, September 6, 2010

I Am A Butterfly

I am a butterfly
Cocooned in restlessness
My wings beating
Against my chest

I wish to fly
But I am held
Inside the thousand
Reasons I shouldn’t

How can I be free
When I am tethered
To what others
Expect of me

I spend my days
Flying only as far
As the limit of
My restraint

Freedom’s nectar
Just beyond my reach
My wings must get stronger
If I am ever to escape
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Love Sweet Insanity

Love is sweet insanity
The irrational act
Of giving your heart
To another to cherish
Or have it returned
To you broken

Such madness creates a song
Inspires the hand of a painter
Touches the soul to write a poem
Moves the body in dance

It matters not if love soars
Or crashes to the depths
The heart will take the risk
That for a moment or forever
It might know the touch
Of exquisite passion
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I know I am leaving
In my lucid moments
I realize I am losing myself

I have to say goodbye
Please stay with me
I recognize your face

Let me hold you
Feel the knowing for a moment
Before I turn around and it is gone

This journey is frightening
I know I won’t return
I have always hated to say goodbye

(For my mother who had Alzheimer’s)
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My Limitations

Words don’t always do justice
To what the soul is speaking
I just write with my limitations
Taking my pen to attempt to translate
The language of my spirit
A quickening that reaches into my heart
Turning inspiration into a paintbrush
Creating a verbal painting on printed canvas
To be hung in a reader’s gallery
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