Nature's Hand Mirror

I walked down to the river
to view nature’s hand mirror,
a watery reflection making
its way to the sea.

Life and death have seen
their likeness in its water,
smiles floating on the surface
as tears drown in the dark.

The vain sun view’s its shining
in sparkles of rainbow droplets,
while the moon glimpses
its romantic face at midnight.

Blue sky adjusts its appearance
with a scattering of cotton clouds
as geese erase their likeness
by the flapping of wings.

My own image caught for a moment
stood looking up at me,
a grown woman daydreaming
about a mirror’s trip to the sea.

©Susie Clevenger 2010
Poetry Palace


Unknown said…
Take the trip and don't look back. Nice words
dsnake1 said…
lovely words! the river must have many tales to re-tell. :)

i think the last stanza ends the poem perfectly. simple, yet summing up the mood of the poem nicely.
beautiful and strong expressions, well done.

dakshi said…
lovely words.simple but sweet....
Anonymous said…
Beautiful poem, really powerful imagery, the finale was very moving.
The Lonely Recluse.