"I am hearing poetry when awake, dreaming poetry when asleep, breathing poetry with each breath, I am living in a poem."

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A Winged Muse

White flight where dreams float in a clouded vapor
Imagination seeing through the mist the ones meant for me
Their message spoken in magical mystery

A winged muse whispers in my ear
Speaking her unknown language to my spirit
Fantasy’s veil lifted from my eyes by her touch

Under inspiration’s spell words flow from heart to hand
A capricious writing of romance unfolding
Lovers brought together by cupid’s arrow

Dream clouds part to reveal blue sky
My muse retreating taking enchantment with her
To return when she deems I need her again
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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My Time to Love Again

It is my time to love
Bring on the joy and the sorrow
I have been alone too long

All my yesterdays of pain
Will not keep me from love today
My heart is ready to risk it all

Send the butterflies to my stomach
The silly smile to my face
I want to feel alive once more

I am ready to believe in romance
The weak in the knee giddy feeling
It is my time to love again
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A Rose Blooms In Silence

A rose blooms in silence
Into a world of plethoric noise
An enigma of velvet softness and thorn
Efflorescence seductress in petal and scent

With the flower’s blossoming earth takes a breath
Inhaling the perfumed communication that
Nature continues to send an emissary of beauty
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Blue Heart

Blue heart pulsing the sadness of being broken
You are still hearing the lies she told you
Not trusting the truth in my words

You have grown afraid to love
Rejection’s bitter pill swallowed
Turning your soul to stone

You look at me still seeing her
Betrayal’s pain clouding your vision
Eyes blind to the hope shining in mine

My heart will continue to climb doubt’s mountain
That she has built inside of you
A risky climb I will take to prove my love
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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Retreat Into Normal

My mind typically busy with imagination
Suddenly occupied by mundane speculation
Even daydreams have stepped back into the shadows

Staring out the window watching life pass by
I find no urge to go out and participate
Inside my numb cocoon is comfort

I have long lived among stares at my quirks
Bombarded with verbal missiles of you are too much a dreamer
Lay down your dreams and just live your life

Tired from battling those who have no vision
I have retreated into normal
The place where identical equates acceptance

Not sure how long my thoughts will live in this foreign land
I pray only long enough to gather strength
To return to where impossibility is the catalyst to my dreams
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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Dreams Arrival

Daylight hovers for a moment before it escapes into the night
Orange horizon bows to the darkness
Softly the curtain falls on another day

Hidden in the shadows dreams wait to visit those who fall asleep
Their misty gathering just beyond pillowed beds
Silently watching for the moment sleep arrives

No dream knows before nightfall to whom it will be sent
Madame Mystery opens her book of visions
To dispatch them at her own discretion

A soft sigh signals it is time for them to enter their sleepers
Some will be a movie in black and white
While others in vivid color dance behind closed eyelids

Through the night dreams come and go
Some linger for a while-others leave quickly
Morning’s arrival sends them scurrying

Risking one last glance at their sleeper
They make their retreat into the haze
To be dispatched the next eve at Madam’s command
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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Penny Wish

Penny wish tossed in a fountain
A copper hope to find my love
The childish dream to give fate a push

Eyes closed tight praying my heart will
Find the one who is meant for me
Once a girl’s dream now housed in a woman

Those I have met thus far could not engage my heart
Barely a hello was spoken
Then knowing he was not the one

Somewhere there must be someone
Who now speaks his wish on the wind
Asking for the right one to love him

In crystal splash I see my penny fall
My wish well on its way
My heart’s desire that it will be granted
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Passion's Return

The erotic touch of your words on my skin
Awakening my body from sleep
I thought passion had left me

Your sensual arousal not only brought my body to life
But resuscitated my spirit as well
Breathing new life into a dormant soul

Lost in the duties of just living life
Watching birthdays record another year older
I looked in the mirror to see a face change with age

You saw a beauty I felt I didn’t possess
Your words telling me to stop judging myself
I now walk in more confidence

Once writing poetry had been a joy in life
But I had long ago put down my pen
Because of you I am now writing again

My hope is to give you a part of myself
A tiny piece to take with you
The memory of passion’s gift you gave me
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My Spirit Hears

Within my spirit I hear your voice
Tugging at my heart to listen
To the story that has fragmented yours

I have only known you through a photograph
And read your written words
Yet I feel the pain you keep hidden

Your heart once surrendered to love
Devastated by the hand of betrayal
Vows of forever trampled in dust

I am listening to the story shared with my spirit
Words flow on paper as you speak through my hand
Agony to my own heart knowing the grief in yours

Please I pray this might bring some comfort
Knowing you have a friend who wishes to help
To begin the heart’s healing from this affliction
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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Of Words Unspoken

Sitting together voices silent but language is spoken
By the touch of your body next to mine
I love you in tender discourse by arms pulling me closer

Contented sighs released from deep within
Tell of heart’s peace in loving companionship
Cocooned within our intimacy

Eyes that look upon me expressing sensual desire
A telling glance of how much you want me
Sexual arousal tinted with the rose of lust

Communication is not only in verbal expression
The body speaks to a heart that listens
A beautiful articulation of words unspoken
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The Redundancy of a Cough

A cough rattles my chest
Its emphysemic redundancy keeps me awake
A gasping chest wishing for rest

The clock with its terrible ticking
Reminding me of what is being robbed
Minutes and hours of wanted sleep

Illness made its visit upon me
With its gift of fever and discomfort
A guest I would have turned from my door

I can not wait to slam the door in the face of sickness
To see it leave with a command to never return
But for now I lie in cough’s clutch praying for it to end
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Between Hello and Goodbye

A chance meeting or an appointment with fate
I am not sure but once saying hello
I felt love’s touch across my heart

Love had visited me before with it’s hope
A bonding of souls to walk us in joined tomorrows
But it had ended with goodbye

I am frightened of the flame I feel consuming me
With its desire to claim you as my own
Weakness whispers in my ears it will not last

You have shown no reason to doubt you
That is a curse that lies within myself
Your tender affection implores me to trust

Oh my darling there is a question I must ask
My heart waits for the answer
Are we just living between hello and goodbye
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Monday, March 22, 2010

An Infectious Insane

Viewing life with a flawed telescope
A lense warped by living amongst humans
Their antics causing me to think I’m insane

The homo sapiens I know are consumed with self
To laugh at their own mistakes a thought so foreign
I totally appreciate the humor in mine

My choices in love seem to all verge on tragic
Too many tears have fallen spotting my shirt
I laugh at my ignorance to bring healing to my present

Money has come to my wallet and too quickly spent
Wall Street has raped my retirement
A jump from my window would only produce a grunt
Because I am located on the first floor

The best education is certainly a goal worthwhile
But when learning displaces all common sense
I find my average education superior to those ivy league

Come enjoy life with me it is filled with days that are too short
To be lived in psychiatrist offices receiving prescriptions for pills
Just stand next to me as I spread my disorder an infectious insane
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Living Life In A Poem

I am hearing poetry when awake,
dreaming poetry when asleep,
breathing poetry with each breath,
I am living in a poem.

Life presents itself in prose,
giving words to articulate my world
with versed description of what I see.

Those around me impress my heart
in visages of life lived in joy and sorrow
inspiring words to communicate their passage.

A flower in bloom fills the air with scent
leaving me searching for words to
describe the perfume seducing my senses.

I have surrendered myself to thinking in stanzas,
a literary pilgrimage taking words from my thoughts to pen.
Days spent living life in a poem.

© Copyright Susie Clevenger 2011
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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunshine Heart In Blue Sky

Darkness can not stay when she is near
Its hooded cover parts to welcome the sun
Sharing in the light shining from her soul

A yellow butterfly with smiles for wings
Her flight carries her from her home to
Wherever encouragement is needed

Pain retreats to be replaced with laughter
Her healing comedy bringing smiles
Moments now lived in giggles for medicine

Her chatter plants hope’s seeds
To be watered by her joyful tears
A growing garden of promise

A sunshine heart in blue sky
She hears the cries of the lonely
Traveling whatever distance to seek them out

Her voice singing a friendship tune
Engaging all to come dance in life’s circle
Hand joining hand bonding friend to friend

Her gift is to comfort those she meets
To ease their burden for just a day
With love given from a heart ever expanding
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In Laughter I Feel Less Pain

Oh pain your unwelcome visits come with regularity
I have tried to keep the door closed to you
But you find your way around the barricade

Burning fingers travel along my body
Leaving a trail of agony along its passage
Attempting to steal my hope and my peace

You gather your troops of depression
To battle my will to keep fighting
Using blasts of hopelessness that this will never end

I have found a weapon that for a time will quiet you
My sense of humor rises to do battle
It is in laughter that I feel less pain

Armored with smiles I face the enemy of pain
Chasing it until it is forced to retreat
A joyful reprieve giving strength to fight on
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Bright Moon

Your lunar smile greets me from my window
I see your wink of secrets to share
If I will just step out into your shining

Feet bare I dance out my back door
To wiggle my toes in your moonlight
Playing hide and seek with the stars

Bright moon what have you to tell me
That could not wait until the morrow
Is it the name of the one who loves me

With a twinkle the moon whispered
Your dear one is very close
Just listen to your heart and you will hear
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Saturday, March 20, 2010

My Heart On Water

My head pounds with your goodbye
The words repeating over and over
In a tape recorded loop in my brain

I don’t love you came from lips
That once proclaimed affection undying
How has it come to this

In a hell void of your love
I find I can not breathe
Will this pain ever cease

My heart on water
Begging rescue from my tears
Its broken beating adrift in sorrow
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How Can I Say Goodbye

How can I say goodbye to you
When it was just yesterday I said hello
A tiny beauty placed in my arms

With joy I looked on your cherub face
Seeing the promise of your tomorrows
In the rose blush on your cheeks

I watched you grow in tiny steps
First across the living room
Then out in a world so large

How did it happen that a young girl
All smiles and giggles left through the front door
To return a gorgeous young woman

In your gown of white I watched you
Bond your heart to your husband’s
No longer just my daughter but now a wife

Your union giving me beautiful grandchildren
Their animation lighting my days with happiness
Carbon copies of the little girl I once held

Now grief squeezes my heart with icy fingers
Each breath painful in my sorrow
Death came and took you from me

Awake I stare into the night not wanting to close my eyes
Holding on to an impossible hope that if I don’t sleep
I won’t have to rise tomorrow to say a final goodbye

Within my soul I know this is not what you would want
To have me trapped in such bleakness
You would say Daddy I am alright

I don’t know how I will make it through the next moments
Let alone the days ahead without you
But I know you will be watching and that will help me go on
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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Small Hands In a Prayer So Big

Small hands joined in a prayer so big
Parents pray with heads bowed
For the healing of their daughter

Life lived in precious moments
Pain’s visitation upon their adored child
Brought grief like a stone upon their hearts

Illness had been an unwelcome companion
But their child had shown grace in
The midst of her suffering

Without complaint or asking why
She faced each day with a smile
Giving sunshine to days so dark

Lessons taught by their child
On how to face adversity
Were learned at the foot of a hospital bed
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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Life Inside a Coloring Book

Life inside a coloring book stamped with images
Black lined captivity holding life in restraint
If not brave enough to color outside the lines

Sitting in compliancy while others choose the colors
For your life in a perspective other than your own
Is surrender of your soul’s artistry

In joy’s sunshine yellow break the lines with a sweep of color
A bright antidote to the gray negativity permeating the page dwellers
Who see only impossibilities to the fruition of dreams

The sentient decision to live outside boundaries others choose
Tattoos the heart with freedom’s markings to be an individual
Residing in a coloring book that emanates life not just copy it
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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Normal Part of Being Crazy

Descriptions of being just like someone else
don’t fit me and frankly give a fright.
A carbon copy is void of originality. 

Living in my own mind I give tickets 
to those who wish to travel there,
an itinerary written in verse.

Why follow those marching before you?
Your own path lies in the direction you wish.
Train your feet to follow imagination’s avenue.

There are those who will command sameness from you,
to be different is equated with being crazy.
Unique separates itself from the every day.

It is within my eccentricities I find peace.
I am not constrained to view the world
with the eyes of cookie cutter perception.

A collection of disconnected connections
where the only thing expected is the unexpected,
for me that is the normal part of being crazy.

©Susie Clevenger 2010
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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Guitar Man

Guitar man play your blue chords for me.
I want to hear the story the road has put in your soul,
smoky bar melodies belted out in gravel.

Calloused fingertips glide as smooth as silk along guitar strings
making them speak a language that calls for feet to move
and bodies to sway in joined adulation of the rhythm.

Eyes close as body and soul merge with the music
playing chords fine tuned with life lived in highway stripes,
a midnight musician performing to the accompaniment of clinking glass.

Places you’ve been, people you’ve met, show up in your songs,
penned verses first written in roadside diners on napkin lyric sheets
a collection of tunes born from a heart in love with the blues.

Too soon it is time to pack up your guitar and head for the next city.
Goodbye guitar man, I will be here waiting to say hello once again
and to listen to the blues as only you can play it.

©Susie Clevenger 2010
Inspired by my friend Mike Zito
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