Butterfly Pea Moon


Last night I drank tea with the moon.
Dressed in sapphire shadows I let
light sugar dipped in stars pool on my tongue,
fill the butterfly well in me anxious to escape drought.

The opal slice of moon whispered transformation
into my ear, asked me to let go of the worry stones
I carried in my eyes, be at peace with being me.

Resistant, I chanted every negative perception
that had been poured into my spirit thinking Luna
would leave me to lie in my scars, but her patient light
only shined brighter.

In the field of night sounds I surrendered to wisdom,
uprooted what I wasn’t and became the seed of who I am.
I knew growing would bring its challenges, but living
someone else’s opinion was giving them permission
to put another brick on my tomb.

©Susie Clevenger 2023

It always amazes me what the cosmos will bring unexpectedly. Yesterday I looked at the image I used and couldn't find words for it. Today they came in a quite unexpected manor. I've been struggling with inflamtation (right foot ~ left knee) and decided to try some nontraditional ways to treat it because I usually have outrageous side effects to taking pills. Today I purchased Butterfly Pea Tea. Notice the color of the tea, the blue is almost the same as in the image for the poem. It is a tea made from the butterfly pea flower. It has a range of benefits one of them being it is an antiinflamatory.


JadeLi said…
Love this line, Susie: "uprooted what I wasn’t and became the seed of who I am."
The moon is patient, always.
Carrie Van Horn said…
I believe the cosmos does speak to you my amazing friend! This poem is both soothing and inspiring and we all need a luna to give us light and see our worth. I love your added note at the end too! I hope that the butterfly pea tea helps. I will have to look for that.
Gillena Cox said…
Wise words end this poem. Bravi
Happy you dropped by my blog.
Best Wishes for 2023.

Jim said…
As adults, we, with the help of God, should run our own lives. I feel women have a bigger problem greater than most men.
Jim said…
Hope your green makes your legs and feet better. Those are necessities. Congratulations on your Lunar visit, I'm envious but you deserve it much!!
That last stanza is outstanding, Susie! I hope the tea works.