Melancholy is a Season Not a Sentence

It’s not just a feather
but a wing note
begging to be translated 
with eyes of ink that sees
poetry before it’s written.

It’s not just a thing left
to be bruised by a footprint
but a sign healing defies gravity.

It’s not just a reminder
of how much was lost
but the voice of wind
 encouraging the spirit
melancholy is a season not a sentence. 

It’s not just a plume 
but hope that waits patiently
for you to remember 
you already know how to fly.

©Susie Clevenger 2024



Sherry Blue Sky said…
Susie, this poem hits the heartstrings. I love "healing defies gravity", and especially your closing line about remembering you already know how to fly. But the entire poem is just wonderful - I feel Dawn's presence, her spirit, in your poems these days. You are a brave warrior. As was your daughter.
Mary said…
You may be one of the last to post a poem for this week, but you definitely are not the LEAST. Your poem was worth waiting for, one to be savored stanza by stanza. I really like "it's not just a plume but hope that waits patiently for you to remember you already knew how to fly."
Susan said…
". . . melancholy is a season not a sentence." Yes. The things that are more, the things that are less--all of them meaningful. This one especially stuck me. May it be so.
Dora said…
So much said in so few words, all fraught with the wonder of feathery hope, of renewed flight.
Sumana Roy said…
Every word has a feather soul meant to uplift. It's so much needed, "healing defies gravity".
Feathers have so much significance especially for those who are the recipients.
The message is sent in such a spiritual way. Like a cup of tea, that message brings a much appreciated goodness
alan1704 said…
Love this poem, it captures the moment but it is full of hope. Things we walk through will pass, and hope is always before us. Well done.
I do love this poem... I found myself actually breathless... From first image to last a testament to all that poetry can do when it does do "it" ... Love!
Jane Dougherty said…
Love how you end this!
Rajani said…
Oh dear... healing defies gravity... melancholy is a season not a sentence... how poignant and impactful are these lines. wonderful portrayal of grief and hope...
rallentanda said…
Your beautiful poem is laced with courage and defiance. Yes you will heal. thanks for writing this.