I Heard it From the Photograph

Time has a way of erasing me:
my favorite walks are at sunset.

He asked me to marry him:
your lipstick still stains my lips.

I’m not wearing an apron
beneath my cape:
the kitchen isn't 
dying for freedom.

It’s a bit cloudy in the parlor:
the sun is caught in the clothesline.

It’s a night for swimming in the stars:
my toes can’t reach the moon.

Daylight dies on the horizon:
he lights a match with ebony and ivory.

©Susie Clevenger 2019



Sanaa Rizvi said…
WOWW!!!❤️ You absolutely rocked the prompt, Susie. I particularly loved; "I’m not wearing an apron beneath my cape: the kitchen isn't dying for freedom."❤️
Ron. said…
How laudable to address each of the photos, SC; and how sensitive to hear them speaking to you; and how literally talented to do so so very well. Awesome!
Kerry O'Connor said…
The sun is caught on the clothesline - that is perfect! I loved them all.
*Swooning*. These are all so apt and brilliant.
Fireblossom said…
I especially loved the 2nd, 3rd and 4th ones, Susie, but it was that second one that made me laugh loud and jubilant. You made my day. (And I think everyone will expect me to write to that one, too, but i didn't. Glad you did!)
annell4 said…
Wonderfully done...your words are perfect with each!!
signed...bkm said…
lovely imagery and words....simply and sublime...bkm
ayala said…
Ah...this is great!
brudberg said…
This is just wonderful, a story captured in each and every one of them... love the second one especially.
Margaret said…
I enjoyed them all but was thrilled with the last three! These are wonderful on their own - or a great takeoff for future longer poems. Brilliant
Kim M. Russell said…
I love all of these, Susie! I like that you have spun poems from each of the images, and they fit perfectly. The first one grabbed my attention - I love the idea of being erased by time at sunset, and then I slowly feasted on each one, chuckling at the apron beneath the cape and smiling at the sun caught in the clothesline.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
These are gems. I LOVE the lack of apron and the kitchen not dying for freedom.
tonispencer said…
I like the 4th and 5th ones best. Good work here Susie. You addressed all the pictures.
angie said…
perfect ghosts to accompany these moments
Jim said…
I like the parlor and the sunshine, both troubled, by clouds and sunshine.
Helen Patrice said…
All of them? All of them, woman! Dammit!
Perfect lines for each one!
Magaly Guerrero said…
"the kitchen isn't
dying for freedom"

That needs to go on a banner!
David Irvine said…
Wow! what a great collection of poems or life quotes. My favourite would have to be the 'the kitchen isn't dying for freedom' Made me laugh. I also love the images being used, very vintage.