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Monday, March 16, 2015

Romancing The Screen

a table for one
and an electronic screen
new age of romance

~ 0 ~

textful reasoning
abbreviated friendship
dining on anger

©susie clevenger 2015

(Urban Dictionary: A Textful ~ Derived from the quote " Giving him/her a mouthful." Instead of actually telling someone off verbally your tell them off over text message, IM, E-mail, etc.)


Sherry Blue Sky said...

It amazes me to see, everywhere I go, peoples' heads bowed over their screens, they never stop texting . How can they all have so much to say? I like that "textful". LOL.

Outlawyer said...

Both are super clever, Susie--really well done. (In fact that is my daughter--but to be fair to her, I had gotten up to go to the ladies' room so she had only pulled out her phone after I left the table, and not when we were together! Still I thought it was an evocative image and you handled it super super well in both little poems.)

Thanks. k.

Jim said...

Kids are more advanced now than when we were their age. You told it good, Susie. I like the term, "dining on anger." Often we eat under the influence of some emotional high or low.
This dining young lady seems to be four or five, and like our five-year-old she texts (She uses the words that she knows and sounds out the ones she can't spell yet.) I am not sure if she texts her boy friend (sure would be nice, he still lives in London) but I know they Face Time each other.

Patricia A. McGoldrick said...

Thought-full, Susie! :)

Other Mary said...

Well said. And this is such a common sight these days.

Kenn Merchant said...

It really is sad to see sometimes because technology is a wonderful thing, yet it seems to consume the younger people and place them in a world where the reality is distant. Teaching balance between the two is very important I think.

debispoems said...

Those are right on.

grapeling said...

I'm at the airport, and people are huddled around the power outlets, necks craned down. of course, I include myself in the crowd. well penned, Susie ~

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