Sing Away My Scars

Nightingale, this night is too dark
without your song to rock me to sleep.
Lonely has wrapped me in its scars
and I can’t feel love any more.

Who is this songstress of melancholy
that begs my throat to sing
a melody to devour pain?

I cling to this limb scented with spring
and only wish to commune with the moon,
but her tears can’t go unanswered.

Dear one, absence nurses its wounds
only as long as you allow...
Be the light for another until
you’ve burnt the darkness from alone.

I will sing for you until your dreams
carry you to truth…Until you trust
you can fly without my wings.

©Susie Clevenger 2014

I wrote this for my own challenge at Real Toads ~ Bits of inspiration ~ Nightingale 


Susan said…
to have burnt the darkness from alone ...gasp! Could any line be more perfect?
Hannah said…
Oh, beautiful, Susie...for me, your third stanza really speaks...the entirety is rich and sad and song-like...beautiful.
Jim said…
So pretty, Susie. One thought, after all the above, I might not wish to 'fly away' with my own wings. I'd rather stay.
LindyLouMac said…
What a lovely performance.
Preeti S. said…
"Until you trust you can fly without my wings."

Every poem that I have read here on this blog, has been incredible in its own right. The opening lines of this particular poem made me recall Keats' 'Ode to Nightingale'. Beautifully penned, as always.
hedgewitch said…
We sing both for ourselves and for each other, indeed, Susie. This is a generous and beautiful poem of support and understanding.
OH, that last line. Stunning.
I'm with Susan regarding your amazing line.
elaine said…
Beautifully expressive words.
Kerry O'Connor said…
There is nothing like a song to burrow into the heart and make it ache with empathy.
Grace said…
I specially like this part:

Be the light for another until
you’ve burnt the darkness from alone.

Thanks for the lovely challenge Susie ~
Margaret said…
A poem to help guide - from one who has obviously been there. Just stunningly beautiful on many levels.