Fist Held Verses

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”  ― Anaïs Nin

I was the bud
of my death…

Fear wrapped
to a stem of longing
I spoke of dreams
and what could be
until I became numb
to my own deceit.

I painted shadows
with bright words
thinking they would
lure my will to step
into doing.

Hell was the precipice of almost
where I felt each crushed petal
of poetry starting to whither
before it could bloom…..

Then came an ordinary day
turned upside down
by my last breath of no.

I surrendered my fist held verses
to the eyes of another and
released my spirit to blossom.

©Susie Clevenger 2014

The above quote by Anais Nin spoke right to the place I found myself in before I decided to let others read my poetry. I still feel that inclination on occasion to slip back into the budding, but it is the writing, sharing and blessing of reading such talented writers that keeps the bloom on my pen. 


Grace said…
That ordinary day is a special day ~ When verses are shared & appreciated, the spirits blossoms ~ Lovely Susie ~
Hannah said…
Yes, beautiful truthful response to this quote, Susie, I was moved at first by that one, too.

Love the power in your turning point subtle yet strong.
Gillena Cox said…
I would have been disappointed if this ended any other way; luv the turn around

Have a nice Sunday

much love...
Fireblossom said…
Don't hide your poetry under a bushel, lady. We love being able to read it!
Sherry Blue Sky said…
One of my favourite quotes and, also, one of my faves of your poems........I am so grateful I get to read your blossoms, kiddo!
Kay L. Davies said…
I'm so glad you decided to bloom, and to share your poetry with us, my friend. I am so pleased to know you and your verses.
Luv, K
Wonderful quote and a moving answer from you. Beautiful.
Unknown said…
Hell was the precipice of almost
where I felt each crushed petal
of poetry starting to whither
before it could bloom…..

"sounds like music murdered before it's composed?"

This feel like a damn waiting to burst,
Margaret said…
I thought the fourth stanza was going to be my favorite, and then the fifth just blew me away!

To find the power within - to say "NO!" … is truly a blessing as many never get close. I'm glad you found it. A powerful poem.
Erica Bennett said…
I loved this poem. Thank you for sharing. :)

Helen said…
... And we benefit from the gift of your words.
Kerry O'Connor said…
Hell was the precipice of almost (!)

Fabulous line, Susie, in an amazing piece. I have been blown away by the potent feminine voice.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Back from Marian's for another read, struck anew by the beauty of this poem - "I felt each crushed petal of poetry starting to wither before it could bloom". Striking. We are the grateful beneficiaries of your decision to blossom, kiddo. Keep blooming!
Anonymous said…
Taut, well-crafted, provocative. So glad Marian pointed this out, since I missed it first time around. ~