Bewitch The Oppressors

      Luna and Shaman Rabbit, by Toril Fisher

Luna, bewitch the oppressors
who drench earth with poison
that stills the bees’ flight
and leaves the garden barren.

Morning has grown silent:
Luna, bewitch the oppressors
pouring death into the wind
to rob honeycombs of gold.

Wildflowers no longer
turn the meadow into a bouquet.
Luna, bewitch the oppressors
who plunder the queen’s kingdom.

Please restore hope of another spring,
another summer, poppies touched
by velvet wings humming the song of life.
Luna, bewitch the oppressors.

©Susie Clevenger 2014

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Kerry O'Connor said…
This reads like a prayer to the moon, or an incantation to ward off the evil forces from laying waste the land. The repeating line has real impact with each new position as the stanzas progress.
well penned. ecological consciousness and activism seem to be the abiding themes this week.
Grace said…
I like the refrain, like a chant of nature - Luna, bewitch the oppressors ~ Also the imagery of poppies humming the song of life ~ Lovely work on the form as well ~
Marian said…
i think this is really lovely, Susie. that refrain is quite powerful.

not sure what's happening with your daughter but i am thinking of you and sending love! xo
Susan said…
A perfect prayer! And then the painting looks like the moon responding. Oh if only!
Sumana Roy said…
this is truly the song of life...
humbird said…
Poor moon...~ very effective quatern~ happy week ~
revelations said…
powerful write Susie.. loved the rhythm of this that rapped to the beat of the theme...
Anonymous said…
Luna shone last night. Hopefully she heard your prayer ~
avalon said…
I can hear this in my head. A chant indeed. Nice the way the line jumps and takes on a slightly different intensity even though the actual words don't change.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Susie, my new favourite of yours - I hope Luna bewitches them soon.......we cannot live in a world without bees. Wonderful topic and beautifully written. I would love to hear it as an incantation, prayed by the aborigines.........or sung by whales!
This is so earthy and beautiful.
Margaret said…
Do the Oppressors even look at the moon? Sigh.

Perfectly done.
Unknown said…
My favorite line!
" Wildflowers no longer
turn the meadow into a bouquet."

And I love your repeating line. such a true message you have :)
Vandana Sharma said…
when hope is there, there's nothing to fear
Jim said…
I am living this in sorts, Susie. Our lemon tree doesn't have lemons anymore. It is small so it is possible to hand pollinate but I haven't.

Our "voice" has said that we should not waste government money trying to figure out what is happening to the bees.
kaykuala said…
Nature has to put up with a lot of threats and challengers. It is a pity that normal occurrences as bee existence are impacted and wild flowers are no more of help. Wonderful write Susie!

Anonymous said…
Great invocation and charm here to Luna -- I add my amen -- well constructed and potent. I loved:

Luna, bewitch the oppressors
pouring death into the wind
to rob honeycombs of gold.

There's a fungus or bacteria that came over to the US on some imported ornamental tree that's now destroying all of Florida's organge groves -- a natural devastation wrought by human invention -- we sure could use some of that curse here ... Great work!
Herotomost said…
Watched a documentary on Bees a while back and it absolutely floored me. Hand pollination of pear trees in china, the labor and cost involved when mother nature has suspended her activities because of the hand of one of her own children. Its a sad plight and this paints it in vivid reality. Great work Susie.
Susie Swanson said…
A beautiful song of poetry indeed. I love it and all of your beautiful writes. Hugs