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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Scuff Marks of Pretend

Artist ~ Rachel Pentergrass

I reached far beyond
who I was to try
and grasp the “me”
others wished I would be,
but I grew tired of scuffing
original with pretend.

©Susie Clevenger 2012
 Real Toads ~ Sunday Mini-Challenge ~ Dolls Revisited

Margaret Bednar, along  with a little help from her daughter and daughter's classmates has
offered unique inspiration for our creativity at Real Toad's Sunday Mini-Challenge.  The students were given an assignment to create dolls that reflect a part of who they are.  They spent close to six weeks hand stitching and creating the backdrops for their creative and gorgeous works of art.


Kerry O'Connor said...

..the me others wished I could be..

That defines many people, often without their realizing it. This is a powerful bid for individuality.

Lolamouse said...

It's amazing how these dolls really seem to bring out themes of identity in so many of us. Great poem to express the struggle for individuality.

Helen said...

How many of us live our lives 'trying to be' who others believe we must be. This is powerful and packs a punch!!

Margaret said...

These dolls ARE a representation of the young adults who made them... but obviously we interpret them with our own mindset. I like the image of original scuffing with pretend. And I DO imagine it to be an exhausting battle.

kaykuala said...

A perfect pick at how most people react. Just as the doll we reach out but our efforts seemed to have fizzled off. Nicely Susie!


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