Valley of Doors

Though I sit
in a valley of doors
I will not fear
the mirrors
hidden behind them.

My eyes will not
look for every flaw
nor cry at every unrealistic

No longer will I see myself
through the broken mirror
of another’s judgmental expression.

I am me…unique and beautiful.
Words that have hurt me
are now replaced by those
that celebrate who I am.

©Susie Clevenger 2012


Laurie Kolp said…
Amazing piece, Susie. The first stanza floored me. The fear, comparison, judgement are all so fitting in how many perceive themselves... and I love the way you have turned it around into a positive ending. This should be a daily meditation.
Brian Miller said…
i may have commented on this one already, but sitting here in the high school getting ready for class it is all the more real as i watch the students rolling in...and their uncertainties right on their heals...
Teresa said…
This is wonderful! It's what every young lady should read to realize that she should not be judged for her looks.
Kerry O'Connor said…
This is an excellent psalm for the modern woman, and one that should be pinned beside the bathroom /bedroom mirror. Very clever, and thought-provoking response to the image.
Susan said…
I found your poem through the Creative Nexus! That's pretty neat.

I love your use of the 23rd Psalm to point at another fear that hits many like death. Through that meter and familiar cadence, you provide the affirmation--and hint of God--necessary to honor the self. Nicely done.