Dream Weaver

Dream Weaver

I ride waves of salty tears.
My heart thirsty, sunburned
by exposure to your deceit.

My left finger is weighted
with a gold ring that pulls
my heart into the abyss.

My voice screams for rescue,
“Please pull me up from the brine
that has swallowed me.”

I feel my dream weaver’s touch
on my eyelids as he carries
me to the safety of oblivion.

Daylight is swallowed by the moon.
The nightmare that stalks me
cannot find me in the shadows.

I float on angel wings of escape
where thoughts have no power
to send their shards of torture.

Sleep has come as my white knight
to defend my heart against morning
where tears wait to take me under again.

©Susie Clevenger 2012

 Mary at Real Toads challenged us to write on dreams and nightmares.


Kerry O'Connor said…
Daylight is swallowed by the moon... I love that idea.

You took an unusual viewpoint here, Susie, that sometimes the dreamworld is less distressing than the waking one in which we must try to suffer through the hardships of everyday life. Your words are very telling.
Daydreamertoo said…
I agree with kerry, sometimes the waking world is a whole lot worse of a nightmare than sleep. Loved the Dream Weaver theme and, song!
Other Mary said…
Oh, I love the direction you've taken this, with waking reality as the nightmare. Very cool - no wonder you're a goddess!
Mary said…
Indeed, sometimes sleep CAN be the 'white knight' we need to escape from daytime reality, which is a LIVING nightmare. And we can be thankful for THAT escape.
Fireblossom said…
Sleep can be sweet escape indeed. Sometimes when I am particularly stressed, I simply cannot stay awake, my brain just decides "that's it for now" and I'm out.

I have always liked that song. Wow, I was so young when that came out. What happened?!?
Helen said…
Sleep as a white night ~ when being awake is more of a nightmare than the actual thing ... well done!
Mystic_Mom said…
Reading this is a real treat, reading it with the posted song playing in my mind blows me away! :-)
ginger said…
"Daylight swallowed by the moon", love this..what a visual..Ginger