"I am hearing poetry when awake, dreaming poetry when asleep, breathing poetry with each breath, I am living in a poem."

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Blind Hearts

Star crossed lover's
cannot see;
their vision impaired
by blind hearts.

Romance walks
with white cane
across a field 
of questions,
tapping against
truth to avoid it.

Reality tries
to shine its light,
but denial keeps
the blindfolds tight
with satin lies.

The lover's excuse
their incompatibility 
by saying love is blind,
when in actuality
it is simply
they refuse to see.

©Susie Clevenger 2011
Carry on Tuesday Prompt: Love is blind, and lovers cannot see


Beyond Horizon said...

Ahh! Epic, that's how it is.

Whitesnake said...

OK pass the tissues!

zongrik said...

the last stanza is all the truth

Ed Pilolla said...

simplicity is at the heart of the mystery, seems like.

Shauna said...

and you know what - often this is
so true - just refusing to see,
loving the fantasy.

Janet said...

This is FABULOUS!!!

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