Thirst for Color


Water Lillies –– Claude Monet
I thirst for color as the wild morning thirsts for light.

Where others are content living in gray spaces,
my spirit craves the vibrant paintbrush of nature.

If I could, I’d live as a water lily floating a lake mirror
that reflects the face of blue sky and blushes
of white cotton cheeks.

Life is a mere wink, a phantom in the corner
of Mother Nature’s eye, but what glory I’ve
been given to walk her gallery of seasons.

I’ve had days of bright yellow, rose lips of wonder,
and breathed Lavender to calm my spirit
in the obsidian valley of grief. 

In this season of Spring I wear bright purple
with specks of dandelion, a moon seed 
that can bloom even on days without sun. 

© Susie Clevenger