Seven Voices of Haiku



path of a tigress
the rocky impossible
tooth marked with success

flowers are medics
scented nurses of the soul
injecting color

wonder of a child
is innocence’s beauty
of unfiltered joy

my gate of feathers
speaks peace to those who enter
your dreams are safe here

the other side calls
hope’s greener grass fantasy
winter won’t follow

a rose speaks courage
every test has its thorns
scars are not weakness

hoofed wings carry me
across an earth sky of dust
heaven untethered 

©Susie Clevenger ©2022


Truedessa said…
A lovely pairing of poem and photos. Seven little wonders. The fourth one is my favorite.
Helen said…
These haiku are spectacular .... I am thinking of your Dawn today.
Carrie Van Horn said…
Each one is gorgeous my friend, but my favorite is, flowers are medics!
JadeLi said…
Susie, each voice is a precious gem. I feel the genuine heart in each one <3 <3 <3
Dora said…
Each mellifluous haiku is a world of beauty in itself, wise and wonderful, hopeful and strong.
each haiku is perfectly constructed, fitting each piece of art