Lion Petals ~ #NaPoWriMo2021 ~ Day 25

A yellow mane of petals

boldly breaks through asphalt

claiming its bit of earth

to grow its own field of dreams.


Susie Clevenger 2021



Helen said…
Ah yes, Ms. Susie ... a field of dreams. A wonderfully creative interpretation of the image (she says as she settles in for baseball on TV.)
indybev said…
In a tiny little town called Greensburg, Indiana, there grows a tree from the top of the courthouse. Since 1880's a tree has grown there. As one dies, another sprouts. The little town is known for its courthouse tree!
Truedessa said…
A field of dreams even when surrounded by asphalt, the dream continues to find a way.
Fireblossom said…
Grow, yellow thang.
Carrie Van Horn said…
If a poem were ever glorious...this one truly is!! Gorgeous poetry Susie!!
Jim said…
This is was sweet, Susie. When my great-grandparents came to Nebraska to claim some land it was all taken, they came to late. Had they found a crack in the asphalt street they might have claimed it. As it was, they moved up to South Dakota, later the kids came back to live in Nebraska without a claim.
I love that you liken it to "a field of dreams".