In the Greening ~ #NaPoWriMo2021 ~ Day 22


Beyond my fence trees speak

the perennial tongue of limbs

and budding leaves of newborn green.


With palms lifted to the mist

I pray the song of days in the sing song

voice of a mother clutching feathers of an empty nest.


Time is as kind as it’s cruel, as light as it’s dark,

as short as the years it grows on a calendar.


My heart cradles dreams in the heart of the oak

where every ring forms wings of goodbye.


Tucked into the greening of shaman spring

is the enduring lessons of letting go.


Susie Clevenger 2021


Jim said…
I hope that I am almost over the "letting go". Mine should be mostly junk which may still be hard. I did lose a Sister-in-law and a Son-in-law for COVID-19. That was hard, more so for the spouses.