Tarot Clouds

Slivers of frozen moon

peek through tarot clouds

as the old year slips into

its grave of sapphire shadows.


From wind shuffled mist January

drops its star of hope into the palm

of restless night where questions

pace the insomnia of unanswered.


Beneath winter’s icy quilt resilience

sprouts another leaf to break

through soil of a new calendar

waiting to blossom. 


©Susie Clevenger 2021

Poets and Storytellers United ~ Weekly Scribblings #53


Debi Swim said…
tarot clouds, grave of sapphire shadows, drops its star of hope into the palm

of restless night, resilience sprouts another leaf....... So many glorious images. Lovely Susie
Jim said…
But life goes on
(even when there's no sleep as we "pace the insomnia of unanswered" questions) I like. Also I do the "frozen moon". Neither have an end that's practical??
Good job, though, Susie!!
You made beautiful coherence and meaning from a rather puzzling picture! (And reminded me it's time I did myself a Tarot reading for the coming year.)
Helen said…
I feel optimism in your poetry in the midst of that restless night .. also resurrected memories of a favorite HBO series “ Carniv├ále” which used tarot cards in the opening title sequence. Brava.
robkistner said…
There is finally the real promise of a new start, a new day, a new and credible way! Onward, and once again upward we go Susie.
rallentanda said…
A feeling of hope and cleansing.
Rommy said…
I love how this this progressed from richly moody imagery to an outward explosion of hope.
How gorgeous. I especially love “grave of sapphire shadows.”