Butterfly Path of the Moon

My foot prints leave my name

in the dust of insomnia

formed by sleepless souls counting

butterflies in the lamb’s cave of the moon.


A monarch astronaut tethered

to earth that abandoned me

I search for solace from winged gods

who speak the language of eternal flight.


In this land where wishes glitter stones

I suffer no crosses to bear or sins to forgive.


Alone with my own echo I’ve learned

to speak only what I wish

to hear on the journey back to me.

©Susie Clevenger 2020

My fantasy art and poem were inspired by this image Carrie provided at the Sunday Muse.


qbit said…
"leave my name / in the dust of insomnia" - Excellent! This too: "where wishes glitter stones".
Sherry Blue Sky said…
"sleepless souls counting butterflies in the lamb’s cave of the moon." Such a gorgeous poem, Susie.
indybev said…
Oh for the secrets of that last stanza! Evocative write.
hedgewitch said…
Yes, I also just love "counting/butterflies in the lamb’s cave of the moon." This has that somewhat feverish glaze that prolonged sleeplessness brings, where everything gets edgy and remote at the same time. The image of winged gods speaking eternal flight, of the earth which abandons, and the simple truth of "Alone with my own echo" puts this poem at the very top of your form, Susie. Fine writing, and your art fits perfectly.

Truedessa said…
I have had a lot of sleepless nights recently, I pulled a muscle in my back and it hurt like hell. I should have tried to count butterflies. I had some strange dreams. Your poem has phases of a dream weaving in and out of consciousness.
Carrie Van Horn said…
Oh Susie, this is wonderful! Every line a golden message but that last line blew me away!! I adore the art!! You are so talented my friend!
Jim said…
Nice story, Susie. I wouldn't fit with the group "counting butterflies" because I wouldn't find any butterflies to count. I haven't ever gone to sleep counting sheep wither, I can never find any sheep to count. I might assist the astronaut tethered to the earth when more help were to be needed if trouble was encountered (my 16 years of Aerospace Engineer work at NASA Houston).
Other Mary said…
I love this Susie, especially your closing lines about journeying back to yourself.
Helen said…
~~ no crosses to bear or sins to forgive ~~~ a wonderful life.
"where wishes glitter stones" Beautiful writing throughout, Susie. Love the ending as well.