Not Every Flood Drowns


A yellow petal sea

of sunflowers floods august

with summer’s last hurrah.


I am a thousand steps

into grief, and yet withering

stemmed suns splash light

across my arms daring night

to open its veins to stars.


The thesaurus I’ve hung

like a crucifix from my tongue

rustles its pages as it feels

hope’s breach.

©Susie Clevenger 2020

The Sunday Muse #123

Friday Flash 55 August 2020


indybev said…
You've such a magical way with words, Susie! Bravo
Carrie Van Horn said…
Oh Susie this is breathtaking! A thousand steps into grief and a thesaurus hung on the tongue like a crucifix! Wow you have blown me away with awe my friend!
Sherry Blue Sky said…
"I am a thousand steps into grief." I really feel this poem, Susie. Hard passages tend to produce some amazingly beautiful poems.
Truedessa said…
"I am a thousands steps into grief". That line is powerful as life seems to be wilting away each day and one wonders when will our hearts stop grieving and the healing begin.
hedgewitch said…
This is full of bright and flashing images, Susie, each one a window into the heart of our current darkness where we grieve for the things we cannot get back, and endure what we cannot control...yet with your second and third stanzas you open a door into the permanence of life and beauty that we also do not control, but which exists independent of, even despite us, and so offers consolation. I especially like the end lines of your second stanza, and that entire final stanza is a jewel from opening to close. Despite everything, it makes me think there may be a few kickass weekends left for us all. Thanks so much for finding the words.
qbit said…
So good! "daring night / to open its veins to stars" - terrific. And this is amazing: "The thesaurus I’ve hung / like a crucifix from my tongue"
C. Sandlin said…
This reminds me of walking a labyrinth, each word specific, each progression precise. A meditation recast in a poem.
Fireblossom said…
I agree with Chrisaa!
Other Mary said…
I love the image of the thesaurus hanging, and your phrase, "a thousand steps into grief" really resonates with me.
Helen said…
I feel as though you took me by the hand, assured me all would be well. I thank you for that from the bottom of my heart.
robkistner said…
Very strong and engaging Susie.
Jim said…
Mixed signals here, Susie, nice writing. Pesky Sunflowers shine while I and the whole world whine. Crass weed flowers, no word can describe.
I am truly awed by this poem, Susie. The imagery is so vivid.
grapeling said…
Susie, one of your finest. Deep sorrow hones your vision ~