Bleeding of Fools

April bleeds
poetic fools
who dream
ink is enough
to change
the world.

Pages of wounds
and hope stained verse
wallpaper spring
with a frantic desire
to fill thirty days
with poetry.

Even the most callus poets
lose themselves in the rush
of writing entrances into minds
hungry to dispel the ice of winter.

©Susie Clevenger 2020

#NaPoWriMo  2020

#skyloverwordlist #entrances


Sherry Blue Sky said…
We'll have to change the world with our pens, now that the streets are too unsafe to march in. This virus will impact voting for change too, which is a worry. May the four of you stay safe, Susie, in this frightening time.
Sanaa Rizvi said…
Wowwww!!!!😍 This is outstanding in its tone and message, Susie. I love; "Pages of wounds and hope stained verse wallpaper spring with a frantic desire to fill thirty days with poetry." May we battle our way through!💘
Love this! We are poetic fools indeed <3
Indeed yes, what mad fools we must be! (Thank goodness.)
Jim said…
I'm with Sherry, demonstrations are pretty much out for a other month. Maybe word will get out about poets' rage and social media rampaging.
Kerry O'Connor said…
Yes, we are poetic fools to think that we can sum up the mayhem in a few lines, but still we try.
Kim M. Russell said…
Stunning imagery, Susie, to start poetic April. I especially love the lines:
‘Pages of wounds
and hope stained verse
wallpaper spring’.
hedgewitch said…
That 'April fools' expression seems to resonate this year with new dark overtones. I've lived long enough to know ink doesn't change the world--but it does sometimes change the reader, the writer and the minds of individuals, so perhaps that counts in some incremental way. I love the image of wallpapering spring, and the way these words join us all together, even the most plastic or cynical, in something outside ourselves now when we need it most. May April be kind to us all.
I'd say we are all in great company. Lovely Susie!
Indeed, what fools we poets are--and how the world needs our art, whether people realize it or not!