I Am My Own Candle

Does the moon still shine
behind the clouds or smiles
breed behind walls of fear?

Hope will find a way, the smallest
tear in despair to light a candle.

Why look for demons or cast a net
to collect the blackest mood?

This hour is mine to sing, to watch
a robin feed the young in her nest.

If I pace the debris of tantrums,
I will be mired in my own anger.

©Susie Clevenger 2020


Sherry Blue Sky said…
"This hour is mine to sing", and you do that so well, Susie. Keep shining. You and your girls are like a bouquet of sunflowers.
This reads like the conversations we all (I think) have with ourselves in our heads. Glad you come out on the side of the positive. Yes, the hour is ours to choose what to focus on, and there is still much beauty and wonder to be found in the natural world.
Sanaa Rizvi said…
This is beautiful! I am so deeply touched by your words, Susie!💝 Especially love; "Hope will find a way, the smallest tear in despair to light a candle." Thank you so much for writing to the prompt!💝
Helen said…
Look closely, I am smiling. I am shining. I am hopeful.
Jim said…
Right on, Susie. "...the debris of tantrums..." gets real messy.
How old is one when he/she outgrows the tantrum?
Ron. Lavalette said…
Oy. Could you rub some of that off on me, please? It's kinda dark in here. I'm trying not to be contagious, but..
Revived Writer said…
This is relatable. "This hour is mine to sing" is my favorite line.
Gillena Cox said…
"If I pace the debris of tantrums"
Gorgeous line. Thanks for dropping by to read mine

Questions asked and answered...from the heart. I like it!
Rommy said…
Oh this was just what I needed this morning. I love how defiantly hopeful this piece is. This hour is ours to sing, if we choose to. And as long as the virus hasn't taken that from me, I think I shall sing. :D
You have colored me Sunny!
Vandana Sharma said…
It seems like a sweet song ton? ourselves and yes, why not!!
Old Egg said…
It is better to be angry with ourselves than other people. Regardless of how the world behaves "to thine own self be true" (Shakespeare).