Amethyst Serendipity

We are sisters of words,
poets who write life
in rhyme and meter.

The strength of ink
flows through our public diaries
on wings and vulnerability
as we walk different paths
with similar footprints.

In the muse hours of our pens
the darkest night can write
a candle to guide us through
the maze of uncertainty.

We are February’s amethyst
serendipity sharing the same birthday,
spirit of joy, love, and precious unity.

©Susie Clevenger 2020

For my precious poet friend Ginny


Your friend Ginny is mightly blessed.
Thank you for sharing such intimate thoughts. I could feel the love oozing off the page.
Ginny Brannan said…
With gratitude, admiration and respect. Your challenges and trials have only enhanced the beauty and creativity you exude in all of your writing. I treasure this gift of words you have given me!