Breathing Toward January

Photo by Kayla Maurais on Unsplash
Sage incense searches
every room of a year
soon to be dethroned
by January’s calendar.

Gray wisps of joy and sorrow
cling to days uncensored
as goodbye pools in tears
spilling through hands
that both held on and let go.

In sparrow notes sung
from a windowsill change
pecks at undone to release
spirits from carrying its weight
into the light of a new year.


Susan said…
It's important not to carry the weight of the undone into the new year. Let us carry it lightly seasoned with the sage and wisps of joy. Sorrow will always be there it seems, and therefore breathe. I LOVE your title.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
I can feel the weight of the goobyes, the holding on and letting go. I love the sparrow notes releasing the spirits so the new year can begin fresh and new. So beautifully done, Susie.
Sumana Roy said…
A beautiful way to ring out this old year and ring in the new. May we all leave the burden and begin anew as we step into the coming year. Love all the beautiful and touching images.
Ron. said…
I'll be home again by New Year and although I've enjoyed (or at least survived) my southern sojourn, I shall rejoice to wake up in my own bed knowing that I shall sleep there as well for the foreseeable future. Maybe I'll burn some sage, just to be on the safe side. Nice writing, SC!
You really are a master of conveying much in a few succinct words - as I think I’ve said before a few times. I like the edgy mix of emotions here, that fortuitous bird, and the wonderful title. I’m away from home a while, but I might burn some sage when I get back!
"sparrow notes sung from a windowsill" - A cheerful thought.
rudraprayaga said…
Small beautiful verse.