“You’re never given more than you can handle”
sits like a lump in my throat, right below a scream.

The truth in broken is I can’t carry
another platitude or dry one tear in a flood.

Both morning and midnight are gray hours
I must watch my child cry for love she feels,
but can no longer hold in her arms.

Helpless presses against my ribs with
an epitaph I can’t unwrite.

My heart vibrates in shattering wails,
why, why, why…I know there’s no answer.

©Susie Clevenger 2019

I am sure I didn't meet the description for this prompt, but this is the truth I find myself living. 

Poets United Midweek Motif ~ Truth


Susan said…
"Truth in action," yes, my dear, your poem fits. Too many people will relate. I especially feel this: " The truth in broken is I can’t carry
another platitude or dry one tear in a flood."
Sherry Blue Sky said…
I cant carry another platitude. That is the truth.....when one feels grief, and, worse, watches one's daughter grieving, it really does feel unbearable. Thinking of all of you these days, Susie.
Thotpurge said…
Truth is broken and I can't carry another platitude.. oh I think that resonates with us all...
Old Egg said…
My immediate thought was "Why can't you hold her in your arms?". It might be be the one thing that will really help her...that she can rely on you.
Kim M. Russell said…
The lines that stand out for me, Susie, so poignant and heartfelt, are:
‘Helpless presses against my ribs with
an epitaph I can’t unwrite.’
It's at times like this when a mother wants to take all the pain from her daughter.
Jae Rose said…
Truth to yourself is the most important thing - i think that fits the prompt superbly
Ron. said…
Prompt, schmompt, Baby! You keep writing like this & I'm yours forever. I swear it. Wait...I already am. Writie on, SC!
Rob said…
This really touched me deeply. Some truths are not pleasant.
Truth is truth - your response to the prompt is valid and touching.
The Bizza said…
Reading your truth burned my crops to the ground. Vulnerable, poignant writing here. My heart goes out to you and yours.
Carrie Van Horn said…
The only thing more devastating than our own grief is the grief our children face. This is both heart wrenching and beautiful Susie. You have spoken of this sorrow as only a poet and one that has faced it in their heart could say. Sending you hugs and light my friend.
This is your truth, your sorrow. Sending you good wishes and healing.
It seems that the speaker takes life as it comes, even when that taking is difficult. That's certainly better than giving up!