Butterfly Autumn

Broken, I fly with wings
borrowed from hope.

Silencing what can’t be unsung
I listen to the sparrow song
singing through glass, and
find words clouds can’t steal.

Questions rest on my tongue
begging to be asked, but
I know yesterday can’t be unwritten.

Today is falling leaves preparing for winter.
Autumn’s riot of color is the fire
burning gray mist from my eyes.

The butterfly in me flutters,
gathering strength for the next

©Susie Clevenger 2019


Helen said…
I love the optimism in your closing line ... lovely write.
brudberg said…
That first stanza made me think hope being the thing of feathers...
and those are the wings that we need when it's darkest.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Flying with wings borrowed from hope....what a poignant line that is. I love the idea of a butterfly autumn, and the gathering of strength for the next metamorphosis. Beautiful, Susie.
Margaret said…
silencing what can't be unsung... We all must learn to do that. A gathering of strength and I adore the last stanza.
Marian said…
This is so hopeful, leaves me feeling optimistic. Thank you, Susie.
Also I love all the sing-song-sung at the beginning.
Carrie Van Horn said…
Every stanza stands strong and beautiful Susie! I love every line!!