Faster Than I Can Breathe

Tears gather on my cheeks
mimicking the stars diamond
quilting the sky.

I slip into the wonder
of the Milky Way
and let my grief
soar among wishes.

Midnight is the deepest heartache,
but it also whispers tomorrow’s
light is a bird wing on the horizon.

Your journey to heaven is coming
faster than I can breathe.

Too soon goodbye will press against my lips,
yet I know you will be among the stars
that nurture me, a light waiting for
my voice to speak joy again.

©Susie Clevenger 2019


Carrie Van Horn said…
Oh how midnight can be the deepest heartache. I know that all too well. This is absolutely beautiful and heart stirring Susie. A glimpse into a mother and grandmother's grief. What can not truly be put to words you have painted in poetry for us. Truly touching and my heart goes out to you.
Susan said…
Yes. Yes. Thank you.
Ron. said…
My mother, an avid skywatcher, taught me to be one too. She loved all her stars, and now she is one. Thanks for sharing, SC!
tonispencer said…
Beautiful and heart wrenching. The grief in this is palpable. The mourning at midnight is very sad.
Lori said…
Midnight seems to be the moment when we move from heartache to hope. The new day begins. When night is at it's deepest but the stars shine more fiercely.
Vivian Zems said…
A comforting and hopeful transition
from midnight to dawn Love it!
Sherry Blue Sky said…
The grief soaring among wishes........the grief and pain in this poem hurts my heart. I am so sorry for whatever it is that your family is going through, Susie. Really, life can be too hard. May that bird's wing on the horizon bring light.
Old Egg said…
How beautifully you told of the grief that was felt. What a beautiful poem this is.
Sumana Roy said…
"yet I know you will be among the stars
that nurture me, a light waiting for
my voice to speak joy again." I can so relate to this. Heart wrenching and beautiful at the same time.
Jae Rose said…
Such rich imagery and a sense of hope amidst the sorrow
So beautifully written. And as for that last verse – yes, I believe it will be so.
Panchali said…
Amen to the last line, Susie! The poem seeks to express what it is for someone to experience that all-numbing feeling. Beautifully penned.
C. Sandlin said…
A balance point that feels like reverence...this is beautiful.
Beautifully written heart-wrenching poem, Susie. I love the ending.
Slipping into the wonder of the Milky Way? Now, that's just magical!
Nithya Venkat said…
I had tears in my eyes when I read this, touched my heart.