Bold in Her Longest Day

Summer arrives with her hair down
ready to dance the last thoughts
of spring to the edge of the sky.

Bold in her longest day she struts
in bright orange, sun swell yellow,
and electric blue to summon
worshipers to her throne of light.

In the whisper between dreamer and epiphany
she pours dandelion tea on lips to urge
words to follow their wild path of freedom.

When the sundial turns toward shadows
Summer sings her fire into moon as twilight
empties sunset’s wine glass, and gifts
the final hours to lovers feeding wishes to hungry stars.

 ©Susie Clevenger 2019


Jim said…
Fine poem, I'm missing out on a lot. I like the last verse best, favorite is "lovers feeding wishes to hungry stars." I've never made dandelion tea but the recipes make it easy and also make it seem to be very healthful.
Kerry O'Connor said…
I love the personification of summer. Such a dazzling description.
tonispencer said…
This is my favorite poem of yours. The dandelion tea on lips, the dancing of spring in its last thoughts....This poem is so good.
brudberg said…
I love summer with her hair down... that's how it should be.
Magaly Guerrero said…
I can see her (and feel her) and she is beyond luscious (through your words)!
Margaret said…
With her hair down... I love EVERYTHING about this poem.
Kent said…
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