Blocked Artery

poetry rolling around in my head
trying to pull from what’s not been said…
        frustration watching the cursor blink
                                               its steady wink
                                                    because ink  
                                       couldn’t find a vein
                                         to bleed on paper

                        ©Susie Clevenger 2019

              Real Toads ~ Finding a Moment


Sherry Blue Sky said…
Oh this is awesome. That blinking cursor can be annoying. Smiles.
Outlawyer said…
Ha! What is human/organic and what is machine is so mixed up here in the blinking cursor and bleeding ink and very charming. Hope all is well, Susie. I have left FB for a bit so especially nice to see you here!, k.
Old Egg said…
Ah the poets dilemma of having an idea but not finding the right words and we don't need to be goaded by a b....y light!
A true metaphor. Unkindled inspiration are the plaque in poems!
Melanie said…
I know that feeling all to well.