The Power of Your Song

Reborn by notes...
your music strummed
chords across my skin
until it found unity’s vein
and transfused
my heart with a song.

I lived in your eyes, the tone
of your voice, the melody
you pulled from my heart.

You believed in me,
guided me to my own light.

Whatever path I take…
Whatever obstacle I face…
I won’t be afraid again.
I’ve been made stronger
by the power of your song.

©Susie Clevenger 2019


Sherry Blue Sky said…
Made stronger by the power of your song. How wonderful!
Sanaa Rizvi said…
Damn this is incredibly heartfelt!πŸ’ž I can feel the melody pulled from heart😊 and love the courage gifted by the power of a song. This is beautiful, Susie!πŸ’ž
Jim said…
I really like this, Susie. Right away the first verse reminded me of all the groupies in the hippie days. You were too young for that but on Sundays almost every tree in the central Houston parks had a rock group playing. We went from tree to tree listening.
I believe ZZ Top had their begging that way, in 1969. They are having 50th concerts throughout Texas this year. On Saturday, May 18 they will be at the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion in The Woodlands. I became divorced in 1968 and remarried in 1973. "Proud Mary" was "our song.'
Rommy said…
When the right song comes into your life at the right moment, it's amazing. I've gone from feeling half dead to feeling like Joan of Arc when the perfect chords were played.
brudberg said…
Love how music can make you stronger... a great way to describe how music can help us all.
Thotpurge said…
The right song- it sure can fill your soul!
I have always loved reading yours...they are like songs....
Years back I ordered one of your book....but what happened I still don't know....the order was not getting placed....sigh!