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Friday, September 22, 2017

The Senators Won't Swim

There aren’t enough dollar signs in care.
The blood’s in the pool, but the senators won’t swim.
Black hearts pad wallets with Koch
while charity drinks light from the bottom of the barrel.

Set a table with stars and stripes, strip a vote,
pat backs too spineless to walk near the raw edge of truth.

©Susie Clevenger 2017

FF 55 at Verse Escape


hedgewitch said...

Susie, this expresses the current situation so clearly--a strong voice against the madness in Washington that threatens to be every bit as devastating as all the hurricanes and earthquakes combined, because it is the social contract that is being swept away. Your images are deadly and chilling, especially the pool, and the spineless backs.Thanks so much for adding to the 55 journey this week, and I hope things are settling down a bit in Houston--it seems like months ago, what with everything else that's come crashing down of late, but I know it must still be raw and new and difficult for you all.

Rommy said...

"Pat" and "spineless" so close together made me think of my own state's disgrace, Pat Toomey. Ugh. Yep, you are dead on with this one.

the walking man said...

Excellent summation of the current crop of the bough and paid for legislators who control us by not controlling themselves.

I hate that my wife an I have do discuss healthcare options near daily--I despise that them with power can make a phone call and get MY representative on the line near immediately and they do not vote in my district while I can only get an intern sitting next to the circular file.

Blood is in the pool...
so is sweat and toil, but you're right Sue--those sons a bitches will never swim in that pool again. They have guaranteed that they will be set for life.

Nice Bite to this 55

The Walking Man

Kerry O'Connor said...

This cuts with a keen edge of satire, but the truth hurts no matter how we may serve it.

Other Mary said...

Nailed it! That's 'this American life'.

Magaly Guerrero said...

The lack of spine (compassion and sense) is real, a disease threatening to kill anything that doesn't fight back.

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