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Sunday, May 7, 2017

Soulless Dance Of Glitter

We trample Mother Nature’s heart
with oilfield boots and drill
our death sentence into her breast.

Greedy vision turns a blind eye
to poisoned mountains gasping
for breath in a colorless sky.

There is no sorrow for trespasses.
The soulless dance of glitter
denies it conjures an earthquake
or strikes another match to melt ice.

©Susie Clevenger 2017

I chose to revisit Kerry's Flash 55 Plus On August 1, 2015

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Kim Russell said...

I love the imagery in this poem, Susie, especially
'We trample Mother Nature’s heart
with oilfield boots and drill'
'The soulless dance of glitter
denies it conjures an earthquake
or strikes another match to melt ice'.

Laura Bloomsbury said...

we both trespassed but you more tenderly on the things that touch our world with brutal footsteps

blueoran said...

Well done Susie -- I take that glitter to be the oil rigs blazing in sunlight -- the final couplet about wraps up the fate of our plundering. Wealthy we were, and then nothing.

brudberg said...

Can species trespass? In that case I think we humans are all trespassers.

Marian said...

Truth bomb.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

You have expressed this so well. I ache for the poisoned mountains and their slipping deforested slopes....and for the horrible fracking....well, I ache for it all, this mess we've made, with no hope now for four years of anything going right.

Martin Kloess said...

An interesting dilemma for us 7 billion (and growing) car drivers and petrol users.

Gillena Cox said...

The denial in the final verse is poignant, and sums up the wanton irresponsibility displayed to our stewardship of planet earth

Happy Sunday

much love...

Jim said...

Yes, Susie, Mother Nature has been getting the bad for way too long. I was thinking today, I sure hope we don't revert back to a China like pollution problem. Or El Paso like back in the 50's. The valley was covered with a yellowish black haze every morning. Refineries. I also listed to a program on PBS about the people who don't believe in scientific advances (unless it suits them, I am sure). Pretty scary, they are a sad lot.

Magaly Guerrero said...

There is little sorrow, indeed... The cause of so much destruction and hurt seem to inspire nothing bu rage and contempt. We can only hope that we can find a way to fix some things and live with the rest.

grapeling said...

we're a stupid bunch ~

Michaela said...

My soul bleeds when I look at the devastation we are leaving behind. But I do believe that GOMichaelaD will make it right one day! I pray for that constantly!

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