Living High In Blue

I follow notes, guitar licks,
throaty lyrics to cities
where blood is as thick as the blues.

Houston, Kansas City and Memphis
are beads on a pearl jam seducing
my spirit to travel notes pooling songs
across a mirror mottled with my own reflection.

I sit elbow to elbow
in bar stool sanctuaries
with a faithful music cult
who tithe appreciation
into a tip jar.

I’m a gypsy ribbed
with highway stripes
living high in the color blue.

©Susie Clevenger 2016


Gillena Cox said…
Luv how you play with your words never letting meaning slip away

much love...
Timoteo said…
Now there's some imagery!
Sherry Blue Sky said…
GORGEOUS. Your poem is full of music, mood and imagery. It doesn't get any better!
brudberg said…
Not just music, but the musicians... Somehow it makes the songs to flesh and bones... Love it.
Jim said…
Loving this, Susie. I went with you to those places, been there before. Then was reminded me of the night in a coffee house in Huntsville, Alabama. We sat around the walls in a large room, some read poems, others gave dirges or praises, some just nodded to the person next. There was no coffee, just a few bottles of wine making the rounds. When one emptied another took it's place.
At other places there was no poems or readings, just small talks. A few sang in the center, guitars played. Soon the whole deal would turn into a "Spin the Guitar" game. Stop.
Magaly Guerrero said…
I want to eat your first stanza after having danced all nightlong!
Outlawyer said…
Cool and sweet poem both, Susie--I love the idea of tithing the tip jar. Very cool. Thanks! k .
Vandana Sharma said…
Colours ....without them life is so dull and what not of the emotions.
Love those bluesy travel songs – though can only visit in my imagination. (I did get to Austin, Texas in 2006 and learnt about tip jars.)
kaykuala said…
I’m a gypsy ribbed
with highway stripes
living high in the color blue.

Must certainly be lots of fun traveling around with the right kind of crowd to music one fancies!

Kim M. Russell said…
This is wonderful, Susie, musical and tightly written.
Kerry O'Connor said…
This is an amazing ode to the blues,the journey and following the dream.
"Blood as thick as the blues," yes. I have been that traveler, which is why I am a good audience for the next traveler who hits town! Love this. Reminds me of the old days, when it was all so close to the bone, so real... Amy
Bekkie Sanchez said…
Love that last stanza and your play on words!
Julian said…
Can't pick out a favourite pat as I enjoyed you poem from begining to end.
Marian said…
Oh yeah, I see you, Susie!