Knives And Woody Guthrie

You don’t know how much
you can take until too much
puts steel in your spine.

There wasn’t much brand new
on the apple drop before one
child faced a knife and the other
channeled Woody Guthrie.

Putting miles on wings
my youngest brought
dust bowl determination
to see her sister safe
on the other side of the fog.

Planted in a garden of leather and clocks
prayers watched hours spin while faith
didn’t surrender a thought to negative.

When doctors’ hands had finished
chipping through stone to bring freedom
two sisters curled into giggles of healing.

©Susie Clevenger 2014

Over at Real Toads Marian asked us to reflect on 2014 and write about it. I think I could have written a book, but I kept it short. For those who don't know the journey my oldest daughter, Dawn, has been on with her health I will let you read it in her own words. Losing my hair, finding my faith


Marian said…
Susie! how concisely and beautifully you have encapsulated the wrenching of this year. love the Woody Guthrie references too, they seem apt and not just because of the personal connection (but made all the sweeter so). very lovely, lovely. here's to a healthy new year. xo
Anonymous said…
Guthrie's poems put to music by Jonatha Brooke, in the album The Works, are worth the listen, Susie. Especially Little Bird.

Wishing you peace ~

brudberg said…
this a wonderful way to weave the roads you have had to walk with your daughter.. I think this is one of your best poem ever Susie.
Kerry O'Connor said…
Such a painful journey expressed in loving words. 2014 was not a good year for diverse reasons, but I'm hoping some good will come out of it in terms of recovery for all whose lives have been touched by heartache.
Susan said…
It takes effort to get to the "giggles of healing'--this year nearly overdid that! I love this poem.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
You and your girls have heroic hearts, Susie, and have weathered an incredible year with hearts and humor intact. Your poem reflects the toll paid and the battles won. I love that it ends with the girls "curled into giggles of healing."
Hannah said…
♥ Beautiful and bitter sweet journey to healing.