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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Lemon Drowning

detail of "Still Life with Fruit" 1852 - Severin Roesen
Iphone Image by Margaret Bednar

I drank wine
until the bitter
taste of my lemon life
no longer poisoned my tongue
and fairy tales stopped begging
me to save them from drowning.

©Susie Clevenger 2014 

Notes: There are too many fairy tale TV shows and the constant comments from that annoying man who won't marry American Women. At least I got a poem out of it. :)


Björn Rudberg said...

Yes the danger of believing in fairy tales.. I think tasting the lemon is something we should do in small doses... But sometimes we need to indulge in its sourness.

Grandmother (Mary) said...

He must have a lemon life that's poisoned him (he won't marry me either!).

Enigma said...

This is beautiful. And relatable to an extent. Loved it.

Ella said...

Yes, those fractured stories of our youth seeped into our sunshine-damn those Brothers Grimm.

We do need a balance, but it is difficult to achieve!

Well Done

Sherry Blue Sky said...

He found my blog today too, argh. I feel like emailing him and saying WHO CARES?????? We are so better off without him. Love "the bitter taste of my lemon life" - and saving the fairy tales from drowning is brilliant.

Magaly Guerrero said...

It seems we shared the same lemon, dear Susie. How delicious! ;-D

Kerry O'Connor said...

Three cheers, Susie! Hip hip hooray!

I LOVE this poem.

Marian said...

love your verse, Susie.
all of this makes me all shrieky, not very poetic. i like your approach better!

manicddaily said...

A little wine saves nine--I don't know who's nine, but definitely saves something. Lovely, Susie. I am so sorry your daughter has had such difficulties--I send you my best wishes, thought, prayers, metta! Take care and stay well. k.

humbird said...

Time comes and we realize that indeed we're the main characters of familiar story...nice fit with picture. x

Margaret said...

You wrote to my favorite image among them all. Yes, this is witty and also so true! (my daughter loves Once Upon a Time) I have yet to watch it … but I am addicted to its polar opposite "How to Get Away with Murder" on I think ABC.

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