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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Facebook Circus

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Come one! Come all!
Join me at the Facebook Circus!

Watch me walk the tight rope
of my truth while dodging darts
shot from lungs filled with opinions.

There will be nail biting,
chewed tongues, and salty tears.

Admission is free, but depending
on the crowd there may be stoning
if your “unfortunate” pain sits in
the cross hairs of their second amendment.

©Susie Clevenger 2014

Mama Zen prompted us to write about our circus life in 90 words or less.


georgeplaceblog said...

Ahha, Facebook is a circus for sure. I've had to whittle my "friends" down in order to keep my blood pressure normal. This was clever and true.

Hannah said...

Oh, sigh...this puts me on edge...so well done...I'm glad my wall is pretty uneventful.

Gail said...

Face book is evil! Kidding but my brief visit was all I could handle...too much untruth rests in the pompous quips from those who thing they know the Right Answer.

I did enjoy your words here.

Mama Zen said...

I really do suspect that Facebook is evil. Clever work, Susie.

Sweeper of Dreams said...

Haha, the bane of my existence. Just kidding. But I am entertained and horrified by the darn thing; excellent poem.

Susan said...

Whew! A couple of the groups I am in--ones about undoing racism--are just like that. Here on my wall the only thing slung is slogans--no nail biting or scratching.

Kerry O'Connor said...

Admission is free, but depending
on the crowd there may be stoning

What an excellent metaphor to describe the whole facebook scene. Reminds we why I stay away.

Kathryn Dyche Dechairo said...

oh yes, facebook can be a circus for sure.

Ella said...

Bravo, Susie!
I still feel on edge, when I visit over there~
Some childhood bullies still haunt my world.

I see the good and the bad blurred in the mud, over there!
Look at me..is what I see most!

Helen said...

If Facebook is a circus, Twitter is zoo! Great write.

hedgewitch said...

Amen. <3

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Susie, you have nailed it......"watch me walk the tightrope of my truth while dodging darts shot from lungs filled with opinion...." yup. I do a whole ton of scrolling and Keeping My Mouth Shut. Luckily, I can also click on "I dont want to see this". And do.

grapeling said...

whew. no net, even, with that pen ~

Wander said...

Susie this is good! I enjoyed very much....

joseph pulikotil said...

very interesting. I enjoyed reading this post

Magaly Guerrero said...

Free at your own risk.

Carrie Van Horn said...

I am with you there on that tight rope Susie. Face book can be an ugly face sometimes.

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