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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Legally Aimed

I took a pledge for gun sense
and became a target.
People don’t like you messing with
their second amendment.

It didn’t matter another life
was taken by a legally owned aim.
I’m a bitch messing with the right to defend.

Yes, I support gun sense.
This isn’t some "do gooder" trying
to take the steel from your palm.

I am a woman who has lived the trauma
of seeing bad things happen to good people,
the agony you preface with unfortunately
then follow with your vow of no compromise.

Is it just unfortunate that my phone rang with someone
bearing the news a young woman I had known since
she was a child was shot and killed by an ex-husband?

Is it just unfortunate to have held a young woman
in my arms who was crying from the terror of being raped
by a boyfriend while he held a gun to her head?

No, I won’t keep quiet because it rocks the family boat,
has me twitter bombed or Facebook jabbed.
I am too grieved by the horror feeding on my silence.

©Susie Clevenger 2014

This is written from the inspiration of Alicia Keys' poem P.O.W. (prisoner of words. 


Susan said...

Excellent! Someone had to detail and image this resistance--and you do it with the passion only someone who knows could have. Thank you!

Grandmother (Mary) said...

It makes my head hurt and my heart ache to think about this issue. I like your take on it.

Anonymous said...

No one should be silenced because of their convictions. You have expressed yours convincingly.

Helen said...

There is much strength in this, outrage as well ~ and rightly so.

Kerry O'Connor said...

I can't imagine a world in which a person might be verbally attacked for speaking out against the wholesale ownership of guns. It is such an American issue, but holds true for a world which is overrun with arms and ammunition, where problems are 'sorted out' by war rather than negotiation.
Living in a violent society with a murder rate of 47 a day, I can only applaud your stand, and encourage you to continue to voice your protest.

Margaret said...

…Yes, we must compromise with gun laws and regulations… the all and/or nothing sides don't work.
But reason and dialogue seem to not be in vogue these days.

My heart goes out to you for having experienced such tragedies up close. The last line is an attention grabber for sure!

Mama Zen said...

This has bite. Excellent, Susie.

Hannah said...

Powerful words and so worthy of being heard, Susie...thank you. ♥

Anonymous said...

By bringing in your personal experiences, you have dealt fairly, authentically, and powerfully with what is often such a heated political topic. Amazing.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

A powerful write, Susie and, like others, I cant imagine anyone attacking you for voicing this truth - with stronger gun control, some of these murders and attacks would not be committed. How tragic for the families of those young women.

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