The Albatross Of My Melancholy

Stones tumbled smooth
by my river of tears
have built the tomb
I buried joy in.

Time with its rusted hands
no longer counts the minutes
to sunrise, but stays frozen
at the hour of our goodbye.

I am divided in half, weakened
by alone. Yesterday squeezes my lungs
preventing the breath of tomorrow
from resuscitating the dreams
we planted there.

My melancholy is an albatross
driving empathy from my door.
Even the bravest soul will not cross
the threshold to greet my pain for
fear of its attachment.

If there is any hope, let it find me.
I am weary from pacing this stone
mausoleum listening for your hands
to unbolt its lock.

©Susie Clevenger 2014

Written from the inspiration of the poet Claribel  Alegria showcased by Grace at Real Toads. Sunday Mini-Challenge ~ Claribel Alegria


Fireblossom said…
Wonderful concept for a poem, and you don't disappoint.
Grace said…
Title already grabbed me, Susie ~ River of tears, my melancholy is an albatross are my favorite images ~ Actually the whole post is crafted powerfully ~

Thanks for participating in Sunday's Challenge and wishing you happy week ~
Anonymous said…
Strong sense of loss here, Susie, and how we can get stuck in it==rusted hands of time great trope, thanks. k.
Jim said…
Hi Susie ~~ Your line, "I am divided in half, weakened by alone" finishes off the sad note to todays poem. It really doesn't have a happy ending either.
If my friend would write me a note like this I would be on the phone immediately and at his front door five minutes after we hung up. ((((HUGS)))) to you just in case!

BTW, I had a disclaimer at the bottom of my "55 Proof" poem:
"-- Today's poem is entirely fiction, not one iota relates to ME."
Apply that to the Bible Belt bit (but we do live in it unless Houston Metro has opted out), as well as the rest. Still I think spirits are okay in moderation, plus or minus 4 oz a day of wine or as beer. But a six-pack of beer might last a month at our house.
Kerry O'Connor said…
As I read your poem, it struck me that each stanza carries its own weight and could stand alone. The imagery is so on point here and the emotion clearly felt by the reader.
Helen said…
'resuscitating dreams' ~~~ if only. Lovely poetry Ms. Susie.
Gail said…
So sad.

May you find your joy.
Weakened by alone and with melancholy as an albatross. Powerful images.
21 Wits said…
Ah yes, I feel the weakened by alone, and as each word carries us on, vividly throughout, I feel that hope is near.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Yes, I feel this. The albatross of melancholy, and pain keeping people from your door........beautifully written, powerful, painful and resonant.
Margaret said…
The first stanza is powerful & it gets heavier throughout!
Gillena Cox said…
luv the second verse where time stands still, an honest response to grief

i linked in only today

much love...