Keeping Watch

Ancient spirits
buried in the sky
watch for seekers
brave enough to
ride the dragon’s tail
to search for wisdom.

Pine trees sough
through the mist,
“The days keep
growing longer.”

©Susie Clevenger 2014

Hannah at Real Toads took us to the beautiful Tianzi Mountains in China for inspiration for our poetry. Transforming Friday With Nature's Wonders


Jim said…
Susie, I'm glad you showed the picture of the road up the mountain. I hadn't seen this good a one but when I saw it in the YouTube video I knew it was for me.

I would ride my motorcycle or a sports car up that 'dragon trail' but probably not to seek wisdom but to hide from it.

The last four lines remind me, as always does the rushing sounds made by the wind in the trees after as hard rain. Those remind me every time of the experience my ex and I and the twins had with our camping tent after a hard rain.
Kerry O'Connor said…
Ancient spirits
buried in the sky...

That is perfect, Susie. Both poems are exquisite responses to the mystery of these mountains.
DeniseinVA said…
Beautiful words Suzie and I love Hannah's pick on the photo. Looks like an amazing place. Have a great weekend :)
Grace said…
Beautiful words Susie ~
Vandana Sharma said…
nature's various gifts!
Helen said…
... I would ride the dragon's tail. Beautiful poetry created with a minimum of well chosen thoughts and words.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
I so love the idea of ancient spirits buried in the sky, watching for seekers!!!!!
Hannah said…
I love the visual of the dragon in your opening stanza paired with that image, Susie!! Excellent and thank you for joining!
Unknown said…
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ed pilolla said…
i love how the dragon's tail is so dangerous and seems like a place for a warrior to learn something but it is wisdom according to you that one learns by hanging on for dear life. and i love buried in the sky of course.
Ph_ said…
"the days keep growing longer"