Boomerang Blues

This poem is the blues.
This poem is gritty vocals.
This poem is tequila shots at midnight.

Life wrapped in steel strings
responds to a guitar pick
plucking pain into chords.

He’s a thousand bars into salvation
singing to a beer choir that is
three sheets into amen.

Watching heads tilted back
downing tequila communion
he knows his last song must beat Cinderella’s clock.

Just another Saturday night
of singing it real to a congregation of souls
who have reached the worm in the bottom of a bottle.

This poem is the blues.
This poem is gritty vocals.
This poem is tequila shots at midnight.

©Susie Clevenger 2014

Hannah over at Real Toads challenged us with a poetic form she created, Boomerang Metaphors. I failed the metaphors (I think), but I was able to boomerang it. :)

Sunday Mini-Challenge ~ Boomerang Metaphors


Grace said…
I love the refrain, first and ending verses ~ The sadness is palpable with downing of tequila & reaching the bottom of the bottle ~ I can tell you I missed writing the first part, ha ~
Helen said…
You aced it! Cheers, down the hatch!
Hannah said…
No failing at all, such thing any how...but regardless I think you brought this to life in a vivid way and I see underneath an artist, that blues singer with such talent just hoping to be heard. I enjoyed this Susie, thank you so much for writing!!
Jim said…
I'm smiling, Susie. :) Though sad, there is something magic that happens when we write about tequila. I loved the getting down to the worm, several that we used to bring home from Juarez had worms in the bottom.
BTW, my son, Mike plays drums for a group that get gigs similar to your guys here. Mike is GOOD on the drum.
The Bizza said…
I enjoyed this take on the form very much. I can hear the blues through your words. This feels more melodic than melancholy, and that is just fine with me. You make me want to be in that juke-joint mixing it up with the other patrons.
Sumana Roy said…
I like how you've given life to the honest desire of an artist and love how you've used the form in your own way..
Three sheets to amen is such a great line!
Kerry O'Connor said…
Each poetic comparison works very well and together give an intriguing interpretation of form.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
I LOVE this.....and I love how you altered the form a bit which just totally works in this poem. You made it your own and it is wonderful. Yay! I LOVE these boomerang poems so much!
Very nice, and a nice musical find for me too. That's two in one day!
Thank you for visiting Poetry of the Netherworld.
Mama Zen said…
"three sheets into amen." I REALLY want to steal that.