A CNN Dream Book

The nightlight made
a beeline to hell leaving
me to count sheep blind.

There’s too much real
in the bits and pieces
pounding my eyelids
from a CNN dream book.

“Something’s happening here..
Nobody’s right if everybody’s wrong”..
Déjà vu comes with its…
we been down that road rerun,
and still the peace pipe is without smoke.

Who’s that little girl? She looks a lot
like me, but she’s smiling too big.
I cried when they killed the Mockingbird,
but the bus driver told someone to shut me up.
They always sit in the back of the bus.

Talking head has a prayer book that
says it will buy him more votes. I can’t
keep from staring at his hair that is as slick
as the words coming out of the other side
of his mouth. It must take a lot of hairspray
to cover up so much pretend.

Sheet pulled tight across paranoia
I fight the clutch of closed eyes.
Rest begs for the curtains
to keep the light out…I just want to rise
from this crawlspace to find flowers for my hair.

©Susie Clevenger 2014

Anthony Desmond over at dVerse Poets Pub challenged us to slip into a dream state and write what we saw. To give a little background on myself, I was born in the 50's, and saw everything from then up to now. So I did some dreaming through decades. 


Brian Miller said…
geez...talk about a nightmare...the killing of the mockingbird and being shut up...that is probably the scariest...that and watching the liar as well...knowing that somehow he will get away with it...the scariest are those that play on what we know to be true...its not the werewolves and bloodsuckers...the fiction...its the reality that is the scariest....
Sherry Blue Sky said…
WOW! What a spectacular write, Susie. I am intrigued by writing in the dream state but also a little scared of what might emerge. Hee hee. I really enjoyed this poem. You aced it!
Truedessa said…
A CNN dream book..that could be scary stuff to read or have played out in a dream. Sheets pulled tight across paranoia..that is a powerful image.
Unknown said…
Yeah you aced this... especially that last verse; like being trapped in a morgue I swear... that is indeed a nightmare. Amazing write!
Anonymous said…
maybe dreams are our conscience
Kathryn Dyche said…
Wow, what a great write. What nightmares are made of.
brudberg said…
A dream like this.. And I would also need flowers in my hair. The crawl space would be a nightmare in itself,
Victoria said…
A CNN (or any other news broadcaset) is indeed the stuff of which nightmares are made--the sad thing is, though, the world isn't asleep.
Interestingl..scientific research puts clergy members in the top ten list..of professions checking off high in the psychopathy checklist..

and oh god!..can that be a surprise..

to lie straight faced for materialistic gains


kind of personality!

if i wann know about GOD..i go to a deserted beach..

that dude Yeshua the real dude Jesus..went to a real desert..and found his answers there...

And then Constantine and Roman Catholic Church centuries later..twist his words into a GOD instead of humble leaning YOGI man..kinda like John Lennon 2!

Well..myths are myths..and myths are required to tell oral tradition..to keep at least some elements of truth in tact..

but now..
since we have the interwebz and all of that..
myths can go away..

can remain

Kevin Connelly said…
Likewise born in the 1950's and remember so much of the amazing years since, love the imagery and thoughts in your response, delighted I read this one and look forward to more, thanks, Kevin
Bodhirose said…
I too was born in the 50s and recognized a lot of your references...very cool write, Susie. Love the verse about the Talking head and it taking a lot of hairspray to cover up his pretend...woo! The last lines so poignant...
Susan said…
Oh, the flowers! We cannot go back to that state of innocence, but I too wish at times that I would wake into it and find all else had been a nightmare! The associations and comparisons throughout your poem are very moving with allusions that are very clear to me. I love the line: "Sheet pulled tight across paranoia." You could be taking snapshots of my life.