I Avoid The High Horse

Vultures sit
bib breasted

But I avoid
the hooves
of the high horse…

So thankful
peace prepared me
for days like this.

I’ve learned
storm clouds
don’t always drown.

There’s going to be
days like this…
frustrating days
like this…

They’ll try to chew
on me, pull at me,
roll me in their muck.

I choose to look on the
bright side of the lemon
and remember most
of my days are nothing like this.

©Susie Clevenger 2014

I was inspired by Van Morrison's song, Days Like This.


Gail said…
Wonderful advice and a great way to live. Well done!
Sumana Roy said…
great message to live on.... :)
Anonymous said…
cool. and a good reminder ~
Preeti S. said…
Bright side of the lemon - that really caught my eye. I enjoyed reading this and am trying to live in a similar way. No matter how rough or smooth, a day is still a day and we get a new one everyday to start over. :)
Bon message, well done!
Have a nice day.
Marian said…
thank you for the reminder, Susie. sometimes it's hard to recall that the bad moments are not all the moments.
Kathryn Dyche said…
love storm clouds don't drown and the bright side of the lemon. :)
kaykuala said…
Wonderful thoughts Susie! There'll be days some good some not so good. Makes it all the more interesting!

Sherry Blue Sky said…
Yes, and i need that reminder this morning, Susie. Thank you.
Jim said…
Got to be inspired to write, Susie. Good working it today.
Van Morrison? I'll take my generation's Jim Morrison.
brudberg said…
Oh I love the bright side of the lemon.. that has to be the best for lemonade.. great weaving of idioms into your poem
Yes, there are Those days...and you just have to refuse to let them bring you down (at least not keep you down)