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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Calling All Angels

For the first time
in months the room
is silent.

The balloon tether
to gasping machines
no longer needle pins
into tiny arms.

Peace shines
on a child’s face
that had worn
pain’s frown
for far too long.

A parents’ goodbye
summons angels
to escort their son
to dance on stars.

Winged children sing
Jesus Loves Me
to comfort a family
who will greet morning
with the sorrow of empty arms.

©Susie Clevenger 2013

At Real Toads Fireblossom prompted us to write about angels. I knew immediately what/who I would write about. Several years ago I got a call to come the the hospital. A little five year old boy named John whom I had been asked to pray for had lost hist battle with cancer. As I walked through the hospital doors I saw a few friends and family waiting outside John's room. I looked inside and all the machines had been removed and his little face no longer had the grimace of pain. I and the rest of the group stood silent and tearful outside his door. I truly can't explain what happened next. As we stood comforting one another we heard children singing Jesus Loves Me. The sound of their voices surrounded us. I looked toward John's room and his parents hadn't moved. They still sat on the bed with John in their arms. Across the hall I could see a man watching a crime show in his room. I couldn't find the source of the music. Stunned and in awe our small group looked at one another and then one of them said, "Well, yes he does." Soon after I asked a nurse if she or perhaps the hospital played the song as a custom at the death of a child. She said no and she hadn't heard it. Again I can't explain it. I just know when we so needed comfort it came with the voices of children.


Sumana Roy said...

the poem is a solace to the believers and ends with a reassurance that death is not the end of life...children ARE the true angels....beautifully worded poem..

Helen said...

When we need comfort ... Poem and the event that inspired it are equally overwhelming. Thank you for sharing and Merry Christmas!

Ella said...

Susie you gave me goosebumps! This is so touching, sad and profound~
Thank you for sharing your angel-I believe you!

Susan said...

And yes, the angels came to help the angels already there.

Kerry O'Connor said...

This is an amazing story, Susie. The loss of a young child is never easy, and what a blessing to find such comfort.

Grace said...

I had goose bumps reading this ~ Very moving account Susie, thanks for sharing ~

Bill Nicholls said...

A wonderful poem so touching

Sherry Blue Sky said...

What a beautiful story, Susie.....they came to sing him home, those little angels. You wrote this so beautifully. Those poor parents, such a heartbreaking loss.

Fireblossom said...

What an amazing story. I'm so glad you shared it with us.

blueoran said...

You wrote the poem well enough that the note wasn't necessary though it was a deep story itself. Who after reading this will ever think of angel's voices without those children singing in the next room. A defining poem to psalter a defining moment.

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