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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Barefoot Light

Tata Madiba, I walk
your freedom path barefoot
because I know I will
never fill your shoes.

Hate still gravels many hearts
and though my soul is bruised
from rejection I climb another
mountain to share love.

Madiba, I light my candle
from the flame of your spirit
that the grave cannot extinguish.

Let me not cry for change
if I am not willing to become it.
Tomorrow will never be better
if I don’t do all I can for today.

©Susie Clevenger 2013

Nelson Mandela was the world's mentor on how to bring change. May I follow in his steps to do what I can to bring change to my world.

Posted on Real Toad's Nelson Rolihlala Mandella ~ In Memoriam


Kerry O'Connor said...

Such beautiful words, Susie. They brought tears to my eyes. It is wonderful for me to know how deeply felt this passing is all over the world. If diverse people feel that they can learn from Mandela's example and apply it to their own lives, then his legacy will surely live on in a multitude of ways.

Thank you.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Susie, I love the idea of walking in his footsteps barefoot! Actually, that is how he started out himself! Love, too, the encouragement to light our candles from the flame of his. Great share, Susie!

Kay L. Davies said...

Much beauty in the first stanzas, Susie, but so much truth in the final one. So much truth.
Luv, K

hedgewitch said...

Every line is so perfect in this Susie--one of your best, and I so wish I could have expressed something like this, but this topic so overwhelmed me--thank you for doing such a luminous job.

".. Let me not cry for change/
if I am not willing to become it."


Bill Nicholls said...

Nice tribute

Susan said...

Yes, you speak true. It will take all of us to flame up with that spirit.

Grace said...

What a beautiful message Susie ~ You touched on the heart of his message for change, that it starts with ourselves ~

Sumana Roy said...

your words of veneration for the noble soul fill the heart...first & third stanza ...outstanding

Ben Ditty said...

You've changed our world with your poems :-)

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